The First Victims of the US State


In this WorldNetDaily piece about the question of ‘allowing’ Indians to operate casinos on their land, he typed:

Should each of these groups be given a sovereign land within the United States and allowed to govern as they choose, free from taxes paid by others and free to engage in activities denied to others?

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, enacted in 1988, discriminates on the basis of race, against all non-Indians. Neither Jews, the Irish, Poles, nor Mormons can open a gambling casino on their own land. Is this equal protection under the law?

Mr. Lamb, I am part Indian and have spent time among the Shoshone. Fortunately for you, they maintain a sense of humor or maybe you would wake up one night minus your toupee.

You cite equal protection, but Amerinds never volunteered to be U.S. citizens and are a conquered people. Your saying that they should be treated as "equal" losers as are Mormons, Jews, Poles and other unfortunates is a very poor joke.

But your article slides deeper into the realms of self-validation with,

Americans are defined, not by color, religion or ethnicity, but by belief in, and dedication to, the principles of freedom, as defined in our founding documents. As a nation, we seem to have forgotten this fundamental principle.

And as a person, you seem to have forgotten the fundamental history lesson that Amerinds were here before the conquering Europeans. B-E-F-O-R-E. They preceded your “founding documents” by over a thousand years and never signed up to American hypocritical principles of freedom of the elite by the elite and for the elite who were white and owned property. This was a concept alien to most Amerinds back then and is alien to them now.

You opine that my brothers have no right to do anything they wish on what little land that white people with guns allowed them. Had you ever troubled yourself to visit reservation properties throughout this ‘free’ nation, you would have discovered that they are stuck in poverty on arid, useless tracts where no resources are located. In short, they are forced at gunpoint to live on land that white men don’t want.

Now Native People have found a way of raising their standard of living a little by opening “Indian Casinos.” How outrageous! Next thing you know, they might be able to afford a new car and drive alongside you as equals on the freeway, instead of being stuck in a broken chair on the reservation waiting for their next government handout. God forbid….this country is already teeming with minorities and letting them redskins control their own future is going ‘way too far, say the Henry Lambs of the world.

Instead of focusing on overregulation of all groups by government, you write that the government should equally oppress the Amerinds. It wouldn’t otherwise be fair. But fair to who?

“…belief in, and dedication to, the principles of freedom…,” does not define Native Americans. Pontificating, hypocritical elites love to spout about such concepts when the reality is far different to every Native American and to every thinking American.

This "Land of the Free" has more people in prison per capita than every other nation on earth, including third-world dictatorships. Ten times more than communist China.

Presidential Executive Orders (I call them PXO’s) have been quietly signed that give the Feds the power to grab up absolutely anybody, any business, and anything else when they deem it ‘necessary.’ PXO’s have been ruled valid by the USSC even though they suspend every human right and dignity without legislation or even the review of Congress. PXO’s treat us all just like Indians.


Since the government took over local schooling around 1940, black illiteracy has doubled and white illiteracy quadrupled, despite the fact that we spend three or four times as much relative money on schooling as we did before 1940. Today, 40 percent of blacks and 17 percent of whites can’t read at all. In 1940, 20 percent of blacks and 4 percent of whites were illiterate. This isn’t the Land of the Free, it’s the Land of the Ignorant.

In the false name of the “War on Drugs” more Constitutional rights have been eliminated than most people realize. Already we have tens of thousands of people in prison with their cars and homes confiscated for daring to put a substance in their bodies they so chose, even though the USSC declared a person could freely choose, without government interference, to have control over those same bodies for the right to have an abortion.

"Children" who cannot “legally” have sex under the age of eighteen years because they lack the mental and social capacity to give consent are tried every day as adults when the same hypocrites in legislatures decide that they do have the mental capacity to commit a crime.

Under the U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, citizens no longer have rights against unreasonable search and seizure and are now subject to secret surveillance and searches of their property without due process, even for foreign governments. Police officers carrying out illegal searches are granted legal immunity if they were just carrying out orders, even though Nazis who “were just carrying out orders” were not allowed that defense and were sent to the gallows at Nuremberg.

It seems that many think government is the source of our rights and so government can take them away whenever it chooses. And people like you can’t get a clue why the Native Peoples don’t want any part of the crazy white man’s government and its useful-idiots who want to pontificate who does and who does not deserve to have a place under the sun.

September 10, 2003

Jack Duggan [send him mail] lives in Fort Apache (Hamilton, New Jersey, site of the anthrax mailings) with his family.