Who's Snarling Now?

I’m not a left-liberal, a conservative, a neo-conservative, a paleo-conservative, a Republican, or a Democrat. I believe that political government of any stripe is a social disease borne by mankind out of uninformed habit, and the fear of force. That said, I still pay attention to the carriers of this disease, as I pay attention to mosquitoes who could be lethal. Thus when one of these carriers writes: "I do not know how long the window on the u2018let’s ignore them’ policy will be, or should be, open," I sit up and take notice.

This is an open threat to impose certain provisions of the Patriot Act on American writers who oppose the war. Because the threat comes from a spokesman for the warmongers who maneuvered our political government into this position, I take him seriously.

Does that mean, then, that the millions of war protestors in this country will likewise be rounded up and sent to the American Gulag? I wonder. And what about the protestors in Europe? After America rules the planet, where will all of the protestors go? In the ground?

The warmongers’ vision of mankind seems pretty simple in the end: those who are with them get to live as their slaves, and those who oppose them get to die. Simple, yes, but it’s been tried before, over and over again for ten thousand years, and like political government itself, it always failed. What then, Mr. Warmonger? Nuke the planet?

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