Hitler Said It Best

“When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side.’ I calmly say, ‘Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.'”

~ Adolf Hitler

Each day I am reminded that the collectivist agenda behind public ‘schooling’ is not a myth, and that it has accomplished more of its goals than we would want to believe. We must remember that the ‘project’ began around 1840 and realize that my generation — my nearing-retirement generation — may be the last adult citizens with a real understanding of the Original Intent for this nation, and any comprehension of the deceptiveness and evil that drives this global plot to ensnare and enslave our children for mindless service in the global vision for a Brave New World.

If we hold any hopes for a return to the America of our Founding Fathers, and to accurate interpretations of the US Constitution, we must act now, each of us teaching and leading as Elders, as in The Giver, and take back our educational decision-making roles. If we fail in the mission to force the federal STATE to release its unconstitutional strings and control over our local educational decisions — and, rest assured, we will fail in such an attempt — then we must opt for euthanasia and assist the school monolith in dying as quickly, and as painlessly, as possible. We might name our mission, “Hospice for Government Schooling.”

If we have thoughtfully prepared for, then succeed in bringing about THE END of public education, we can request cremation, hold a quick funeral, then build or support, in each community, schools that educate our children for free lives in a free America, rather than for mental and physical enslavement in a world of global, national, state and local Hitler-types.

We really have no other choice, if we care about the futures for our children and grandchildren. We must act, even if it means giving up our luxuries; our second properties; our false reassurances that “I don’t see it affecting my life because my standard of living has only gone up during my lifetime.” We must discipline ourselves to look further than the noses on our faces; our social security; our ease in retirement. Our heirs will not have good things in life if we allow the collectivist remaking of our values to continue.

Just yesterday, with reading and math scores plummeting across the nation; with both student and teacher motivation and effectiveness at embarrassing lows, I was invited to a workshop — “Shaping Character: Creating a Culture of Virtues in Our Schools.” This title seems to me incongruent in light of their claim that “You have been entrusted with the future. We know how important that is to you. That is why our seminars offer only the best classroom-tested teaching methods — not trendy, theory-based fads.” Maybe I am just getting too old, for I interpret “shaping character” and “creating a culture of virtues” as fads; I interpret “teaching methods” as ways to teach the Three R’s; to teach them effectively; and to teach them NOW. I believe that the teaching of character and values belongs in the homes and in the churches, not in schools, and certainly not with the goal of ‘reshaping’ any of our children.

The brochure promises “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!” and notes that this institute “offers dozens of seminar topics in hundreds of locations all over the United States.” (I wonder if they offer any seminars on how to actually teach reading, or on how to choose and implement, math curriculum and instruction, which can raise the test scores that have been lowered by the Chicago Everyday Math; the University of Chicago math books; and/or all of their clones? I may inquire…) It crossed my mind than I could attend this seminar, as a representative of those self-proclaimed curmudgeons among us. It might be rather fun to be the person with the questions, who already knows the real answers — those answers which, in all likelihood, will be avoided in such a workshop as this.

This workshop caught my attention, not because of any direction towards educational and academic goals, but because of its offer to train teachers in how to remold your and my children. The flyer promises that attendees “will learn:

  • " The simple elements of character honored by all cultures and spiritual traditions — 52 basic virtues!
  • How to use the ‘Language of Virtues’ to draw out the best in your students.
  • Proven methods to create a culture of virtues and reduce violence in your school!
  • 5 practical strategies to bring out the best in ALL students
  • Success stories from educators throughout the world”

    (Bold print is theirs from the flyer.)

Certainly I want, as we all do, for children to have spiritual values that assist them in self-control, and motivate them to learn. However, I believe that these outcomes can usually be brought about by simply teaching every capable child to read, spell, speak, and write accurately, prior to their entry into third grade, then by offering them the libraries, the wisdom of the ages, and productive careers available to knowledgeable, competent, well-read persons. My radar for ‘collectivist goals’ begins to hum when I read that two of the five strategies of “Shaping Character” are: — “Honor the spirit — how to help students find purpose and meaning. — Practice the art of Spiritual Companioning to really listen and encourage moral choices.” (Again, bold lettering is from the advertisement flyer.)

My fear is that, with all of the learning, materials and products being promised and guaranteed, attendees will decide to implement the information in their classrooms, in place of remediating delayed reading and math skills. Attendees are promised “a wealth of ideas you can implement immediately” but it appears that all of the ideas will be on how to ‘reshape’ students, rather than how to educate them according to academic standards and goals.

The workshops will be offered in Wichita, Kansas; Cleveland, Ohio; and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Take a moment to wonder how many of your children’s teachers will attend this workshop, or one of the many others offered by this organization, or other seminars offered by any of the numerous organizations with similar agendas. “Staff development and in-service” offerings are big business, and although many appear to offer solutions to the corruption, and seem to offer assistance in a realignment of American educational misdirection, many, in fact, use the fortunate (for them) state of miseducation to earn speaking fees and sell books, rather than to present and champion true corrective measures.

After looking at examples of the training offered to public school teachers, you may well decide to again refigure your family budget; to further assess and define your educational priorities for your children. You may decide, this time, to actually begin checking out the private and parochial schools in your area, or the materials and support available for homeschooling.

If each of us withdraws our children and our grandchildren from the public schools, the repercussions will bring about the death of these unhealthy centers for ‘childhood indoctrination.’ In certain medical cases, if one continues to feed a terminal patient, death and suffering are only prolonged. We are facing such a quandary in regards to the disease that has taken over government schooling. However, if we, family-by-family, pull our children out of the public schools, the state and federal dollars to those schools, based as they are on ‘head count,’ will be reduced accordingly, allowing the institutions to atrophy and eventually close their doors due to loss of interest and their lifeblood — taxpayer money.

It appears to be the kindest decision we can make, not only for our children who bear the burden for the future of America, but also for our teachers who are frustrated and saddened by the level to which schooling has sunk in this nation. In addition, the economic benefit will be great, for our tax burden will be lessened, bringing much-needed financial relief in this era of a constricting economy.

The Departments of Education in all fifty states and at the national level can be closed, lifting even greater tax burdens from the shoulders of present and future taxpayers. Individuals will be able to freely decide which types of schooling they choose to support with their newly available monies.

We can save America, and the Original Intent for this nation, by returning total control of education for our future generations; our future leaders; to those closest to them — their families, their churches, their neighborhoods. All of these decisions can, in turn, reestablish states’ rights to their lawful position in the power structure of the United States of America, as detailed and specified in the United States Constitution. That document and its guiding principles were created for free Individualists; certainly not for totalitarian collectivists. We must stop, then reverse, the process that Hitler so clearly recognized, applauded, and in which he placed his faith for the future of the world.