Is Bush a Moron?

I have been chuckling ever since that foreign diplomat referred to President Bush as a moron. As a trained attorney, I kept asking myself the question: “What evidence could be put forth to support that claim?” Not ever having met our illustrious president, I can’t offer any evidence other than what I have read in the newspapers, heard on television or seen on the Internet. But a few items come to mind.

Calling three poor little countries an axis of evil might be put on the list of evidence. There isn’t a shred of evidence that any of them have attacked the United States, yet he is still pals with Saudi Arabia, a country whose citizens have attacked the United States and which continues to provide funding for Islamic schools where students are taught to hate the United States.

He talks about rooting out terrorism wherever and whenever he finds it, yet he continues to give billions in economic and military aid to a country that drops one-ton bombs on Palestinian apartment buildings, destroys entire towns, and pushes over hundreds of Palestinian houses with bulldozers, then builds Jewish settlements on the stolen land. I wonder if President Bush would give billions in aid to the Palestinians if they did the same things to the Israelis that the Israelis have been doing to them.

The Bush I – Clinton – Bush II triumvirate have been bombing Iraq and killing Iraqi civilians with their embargo since 1991 – more than a million in total according to some reports – yet whenever Iraq fires a missile at one of our planes that is flying illegally over Iraq he calls it an act of aggression. What would Bush do if an Iraqi plane flew over the United States illegally?

He is in a tither about the possibility that Iraq might have weapons of mass destruction, while threatening to use our own weapons of mass destruction – nuclear weapons, which he can’t even pronounce correctly – to produce a regime change in Iraq. How would he respond if Saddam Hussein demanded to inspect our nuclear, chemical and biological weapons facilities? The anthrax that caused all the commotion shortly after the 9-11 attack was manufactured at a facility in Maryland, according to some news reports. Why doesn’t a team of United Nations inspectors demand to check out that facility?

He blabbers on about protecting the Kurds who live in Iraq, yet would deny them the right of self-determination, since that wouldn’t be in America’s best interests. Since when is allowing people to choose their own government not in America’s best interests? If the American colonies could secede from Britain in 1776, declare their independence and form their own country, why can’t he support the Kurds’ wish to do exactly the same thing in Iraq, Iran and the several other countries where they are being oppressed by the local government?

He is worshipping at the altar of democracy when it comes to regime change in Iraq, North Korea and Cuba, but doesn’t want the Kurds to choose their own form of government. I guess democracy is good for some countries but not for others. Did he ever think that maybe the Iraqi people would vote for someone who is even worse than Hussein if they had a chance? Hitler and Mussolini both came to power through the democratic process. Why doesn’t he push for free elections in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait?

His homeland defense policy is indefensible. He thinks we will be safer if he turns private sector airport employees into federal government employees. He thinks airports will be safer if those employees force us to take off our shoes and submit to searches that our founding fathers would have revolted against. Yet he would deny the right of self-defense to airline pilots and passengers by not allowing them to carry weapons on airplanes. The twin towers would still be standing if pilots, flight attendants or perhaps a few passengers would had had Saturday Night Specials on board.

Then there is his “free trade” policy. He flies around the world lecturing other countries about how they should open up their markets so that Americans and others can trade with them, then slaps 30% tariffs on the importation of steel from practically every steel-producing country on earth and slaps a similar tariff on Canadian lumber. He lectures Europe about agricultural protectionism, then signs the biggest-ever agricultural trade protection bill into law.

Those bits and pieces of evidence were all I could come up with off the top of my head in 30 seconds or so, so I decided to check out the Internet to search for some bits of evidence I might have overlooked. I hit gold.

I went to and typed BUSH MORON in the SEARCH box and was surprised to find that several websites are devoted to this very topic. has a nice photo of President Bush and two inverted American flags, along with some hilarious Bush quotes that reflect what is going on between his ears. There are several links that would upset Republicans.

Then there is, which presents more documentation on the president’s degree of intellectual capacity. How did this guy get elected, anyway? Ah, now I remember. It was because the other candidates were perceived as being even worse. Some of the captions that are linked at the bottom of this website are worth checking out., and also provide evidence of the president’s intellectual capacity, as do many websites I cannot list due to space constraints.

I don’t think President Bush is a moron. He didn’t flunk out of divinity school or drop out of graduate school. He managed to get a pretty good education. He has actually worked in the private sector, which is more than can be said for some recent Democratic candidates and presidents. But his decisions are taking away our freedoms and causing foreigners to hate Americans even more than they did before he got elected. He is edging us closer to a war that will undoubtedly have unintended consequences that could kill thousands, or perhaps millions of Americans and cripple our economy. Maybe we would be better off if we had a moron in the White House who had a couple of good advisors.

I wonder if he knows how to spell potatoe.

January 3, 2003