Will This Year Be Better?

Last year was not too much to write home about. Will this year be better? Let's ask some questions and see if we can figure out what may be coming our way.

Will sixty billions for a war on Iraq really revitalize our economy?

Sure – just like Wilson's War to End War ended war. And wasn't it Johnson's War on Poverty that created all this economic mayhem? Shouldn't these people just shut up and stand aside for a few years?

Will Muslim immigrants really save socialism in apostate Europe?

Absolutely. For at least a couple days – after that…well, Europe is overrated anyway.

Will millions of illegal immigrants save socialism in apostate America?

Of course. But here is a hint – you might want to keep your own little nest egg just in case. And you can kiss your culture goodbye.

Will invading a country (Iraq) that does not have nukes and which was not involved in 911 protect our national security from any but non-existent threats?

Does it matter? The Israelis seem happy with it and apparently that is what counts with our leaders. Meantime, Seor Bush is extending unemployment benefits to the Americans whose jobs were destroyed by his policies and those of his predecessors – but we should trust them now…with the lives of our children.

Will there ever be a Western leader who puts the interests of his own culture first? Who considers the interests of the people whom he purportedly represents? Who will tell the truth even it is painful? Who will understand the concept of duty, honor, and country?

The only answer to this one is that it is statistically possible but highly unlikely given the ludicrous processes in place to select leaders – it guarantees we get men who are willing to degrade themselves in return for power and notoriety.

What will happen with the mainstream Christian denominations? Is it still possible for them to repent and start preaching Christ crucified or will they remain in the sewer, swimming in the filth with the people of this world?

I'll take door number two on that one, Bob. After all didn't Christ himself question whether He would find faith on Earth upon His return? But note, His return is guaranteed and every knee shall bow. Some however, will bow reverently and gratefully, cheering the return of their Redeemer. Others may not be quite so happy about things at that point…

Is this the year that we finally junk that obsolete piece of paper that both socialists and fascists claim as their own but which both ignore with impunity and without remedy by the mis-governed citizens of the United States?

That constitution of ours is so daggoned complicated that only a simple citizen can understand it – judges and lawyers remain absolutely mystified while government merely ignores it as if it didn't exist at all. Since it is now considered "extremist" to believe in the Second Amendment, the one upon which all the others depend; I'd have to guess that this might be the big year. Out of bondage to that scrap of paper and on to that brave new world promised to us by our progressive leaders.

Is there still time to reclaim the South for Southerners? Or are we becoming the figurative Jews in the new improved brand of fascist despotism – a target for all those who wish to discriminate against someone but are inhibited by the climate of "tolerance."

Could this be the year that our over extended military finds itself cut off from the homeland and we find ourselves defenseless? Or is that question just plain silly since we are already defenseless and under control of a government whose interests are much different than ours?

It bears thinking about though – if I were to war game out the current situation (from the perspective of an enemy of the US) I'd have to say that Napoleon was right again – he that would defend all will defend nothing. All that firepower scattered all over the place, and all depending upon satellites and "smart" weaponry, nothing at home but silly brutish thugs in SWAT costumes and a populace that is rapidly being disarmed for it's own supposed safety. Wide open borders…Well, well, now just how would I attack such a power?

The truth is that we don't even need a military for all the good it does us to have one. Anybody defended our borders lately? Nope… Does anybody really care if we have troops in the one hundred plus countries where our masters think it necessary to maintain a presence? Nope… Is Iraq really a threat to the US? No…

Or how about North Korea? Didn't the South Koreans ask us to leave recently (and repeatedly)? How is it then that we are still there? How is it that our troops are in jeopardy of nuclear attack in a region where we are not welcome? What is it that we gain from this, you and I? Isn't this a problem for Japan and China? Would the NKs really be crazy enough to slip a nuke into one of those gigantic tunnels they've constructed under the DMZ? Nah…

How about the real question? Are you willing to sacrifice your child for this coming confrontation? I didn't think so.

These pending wars for which we cannot even determine a reason, other than Seor Bush's ridiculous crusade against "evil" have created a very real possibility of world wide economic depression. The quasi-socialist economies of this world cannot stand another blow. The US is flushing nearly sixty percent of it's GNP down the toilet already – or should I be more genteel and refer to that as government spending?

Our middle class, which once financed this nonsense, is on the ropes and under attack by the very cretins who live off our sweat. There is a line that cannot be crossed without repercussions and we are at that line right now – that line is a line where the interest on the debt becomes the raison d'tre of our economy, where the government spending, foreign aide and welfare "entitlements" exceed our ability to suck blood from the veins of the middle class. Cross that line and everyone goes down….

Meantime, back at the asylum, we have politicians clamoring for more government spending to "get the economy moving again." Their ideology is the intellectual equivalent of that espoused by my cat, who sleeps for long periods of time and then demands food, exerting exactly no effort and assuming that because she is cute she will eat.

And did they ever catch Osama bin what's his name? I know that if I thought he had blown up my towers, I'd never rest until I had my hands around his throat. This has me wondering…

Is this the year when things finally come right? Probably not.

So how is this for a New Year's resolution? I will not steal from anyone; I'll support my own family and defend my own best interests to the best of my ability. I will think the best of my neighbor but I will continue to lock my car. I will praise the name of my God and live in hopes of His imminent return. I will not become cynical and I will endeavor to feel compassion for my fellow man – particularly those mired in the world system. I will not bend my knee to the government or any of the other false gods of this world.


January 10, 2003