There Is a Storm Brewing

There was a headline on Drudge recently that contained a strong hint of the coming storm: Song Mocking Schroeder Tops German Pop Charts… It's about the lies and broken promises of the head of state in Germany, Europe's strongest nation. Herr Schroeder claimed he was going to cut taxes and get control of the kleptocracy – he sounded much like Clinton in fact. Now his erstwhile German supporters are publicly mocking him.

The fabric is coming unraveled in Europe, in the United States, South America, all over the world. Wherever men sought to worship government as their god, their god has been profaned. The problem with idols is that they don't deliver. It feels good at first, dancing around the altar and swearing fealty to some graven image that promises the lifetime gravy train, and of course, all the illicit sex you can handle. But it always comes unwound.

"The ‘eathen in ‘es ignorance, bows down to wood and stone…" Yep, and not just ‘eathens but folks who ought to know better. The worship of government however, is waning – that is one god that even the lamest are starting to see, cannot deliver. No matter how much you sacrifice to government of your substance and of your blood, it is never enough. Yet government continues to insist that it is the god of this age, and perhaps it is that – but a false god none the less.

It's not that collectivism/socialism will not stand. No, that suggests that men have become sane. It's that it cannot stand. It doesn't work. God is not mocked.

You may repeal the law of gravity but see what happens when you jump off the world trade center – but wait, that isn't there anymore. There is just an empty hole where it used to be and Americans, like the Germans, have learned what government promises are worth. Revenge would be ours, said the President, and you can take that to the bank. What Senor Bush forget to mention was that it would not be the justified revenge of the American people upon the perpetrators of that act of war, but upon the Iraqis, whose sin was so much worse than that – they annoyed Senor Bush's daddy… Osama Bin who?

Like the Germans, Americans have plenty of reason to be annoyed with lying lawmakers. There was some mild pleasure in watching those sniveling democrats get slaughtered in the last election. Their addiction to Marxism and its spawn, political correctness, is very dangerous and they would destroy this country in a heartbeat, all the while prattling about their great love for the "people." Unlike their communist brethren in the un-lamented USSR there is no pretense of love for the "verkers." With the democrats you can be sure that the one group for whom they have no love at all is the working class.

So, the "right wing" won? Not hardly. While lying brazenly about new tax cuts, that particular group of scoundrels continue to neglect their duty to defend our borders while destroying our currency by spending more money than we have. If you doubt my words ask yourself a very important question, "Where is the forty to sixty billion dollars for Homeland Security coming from?" Since they haven't got it lying around somewhere, and since they haven't raised a tax or a bond, it can only follow that they are simply printing that money. So long savings, so long future, just line up and chant like the mercenaries do, "Vive la mort, vive la guerre, vive la mercenaire."

Why? Because we are ruled by mercenaries, men without a country. National sovereignty is nothing to them, nor is patriotism. History for them does not exist. Grudge wars and the war on some drugs, the constant power plays and lust for ever more control – these are not the actions of patriots.

It will get worse before it gets better so get ready for the long haul. They have hoodwinked much of the electorate by beating the war drums. "Let's go kick some ass," has a certain charm to the mouth-breathing public, and who cares if we are treated as serfs… Or whose ass gets kicked. That however, is a tune that has been played maybe a time or two more often than it should – even "Born To Be Wild" gets old after a while.

There is another force brewing out there and if I know about it you may assume they do as well. They, the self-proclaimed forces of truth, justice and the American Way – usurpers of the Republic and murderers of Waco, who seek to rule for the sheer sake of ruling.

Congress (according to Free Republic last week) authorized a poll after the horror of the beltway sniper atrocities, to see if the time was ripe for yet another round of unconstitutional serf control laws (gun control they call it.) To their dismay, the results were that out of 11,000 polled in the vicinity of the sniper attacks, a whopping 88% rejected more gun control out of hand. People have seen in the person of that appalling Chief Moose character, that they had better be armed, because the doctrinaire ideologues of the secularist state will ignore a barrel full of facts to get to a lie, and actually let people die, rather than deviate from the collectivist mantra.

You want to be defended; you better talk to Mr. Glock because Mr. Moose and those like him are dedicated only to defending the failed collectivist doctrine of the sixties. Moose and company are desperately clinging to power but mean ole Mister Reality is in town and that means trouble.

Last week a senior judge in Alabama calmly rejected the ruling of a crazed federal court that required of him that he remove the tablets of God's own Ten Commandments from outside the State Supreme Court. That this is an outrage is not debatable among civilized American patriots. What is remarkable is that Judge Moore called their bluff, showing that finally, an American has had enough of this despicable and ongoing attack upon our heritage and our religion.

What has the government worried, and well it should be, is this: Judge Moore could simply say, "I need one hundred thousand armed Americans to protect my court house." He'd have them by Wednesday.

Should the governor of a state on our Southern border call for those same volunteers they would be there quite as precipitously. Indeed – some have already answered their own call and are acting in our defense on that very border. Government is outraged – after all, it's their job to protect the border and those folks "are in the way."

Meantime Jorge Bush is resurrecting his despicable plan to reward illegal immigrants with "amnesty," making him the biggest scofflaw since Abraham Lincoln turned the Republic into just another coercive statist abomination. This is two powerful forces pulling in the opposite direction – it bodes ill for our future as Americans.

In the eyes of the government usurpers the actions of free Americans are nothing less than a challenge to their ability to rule as they please. They had no idea how serious we are. How dare we take matters into our own hands? First Klamath Falls where Americans confronted authorities and even cut the locks off the fence put up by the masters. Now armed men are patrolling our borders without even deigning to ask permission of those in power.

Government is no longer in control – all the fancy computer systems and surveillance techniques in the world can't change that. It is not an accident that these systems are pointed at us rather than the external enemies but for government; it is too little, too late. There might be hope for them if they were belatedly to take up the causes of the American people but they remain entranced by their own platitudes, and by the constant blathering of the increasingly irrelevant mainstream media.

Americans have become so enraged at ACLU and the constant attacks on our freedoms and our religion, supposedly in the name of the constitution, that it would take a very foolish man to wear an ACLU button in most neighborhoods, let alone in a workingman's pub.

What so many on the right are missing is this simple fact: Bush and his buddies come down on the side of ACLU. Colin Powell, the government mouthpiece stated last week that Christian fundamentalists are as bad as the Islamists, clearly missing the fact that this country was founded by Christians, that he presumably works for us, and that we, the Christian people of America, did not blow up those skyscrapers!

Why would he say such a stupid thing? Why does the Bush regime actually sponsor and encourage Islamic immigration, knowing full well that they are creating a fifth column and at the very least, destroying our cultural homogeneity? How on earth can they justify welfare and business loans to immigrants, which would be a disgrace even if many Americans were not out of work?

The answer is easy. Those folks they are bringing in may occasionally kill people or blow up buildings, but on the whole they are conditioned to the lash, and have no tradition of freedom. Such people are much less of a problem for government than those nasty rednecks that Chief Moose still believes perpetrated the sniper shootings.

There is also another factor – our government is primarily secular in mindset – how many of those power mad bureaucrats in DC or New York ever bend the knee to almighty God? How can they know how important religion is to us? And to the Islamic immigrants as well… Northern Ireland anyone?

On the other side of the fence, some left-wingers actually rejoiced last week when a sexual pervert stabbed a Christian woman to death, who was attempting to share her faith with him. They blamed a right wing conspiracy for the death of the collectivist leader Paul Wellstone. Tom Daschle's hysterical outbursts blaming Rush Limbaugh for threats against his person were very much a sign of the times. Battle lines are being drawn.

The problem with living in history is that events are more difficult to discern from up close – witness the surprise when the USSR finally lurched into oblivion. The American empire is headed likewise for the scrap heap of history and much of the world will heave a sigh of relief. What will be missed are the ideals upon which America was founded, and for which we fought two great wars of secession.

Where will it end up? Given current policies toward mass migration, it seems obvious that the South West will be flying another flag within ten years. There are in the hinterland, many who still cling to our original freedoms while the coastal cities remain hotbeds of communist sedition. Will we become the Balkans of North America? Or merely collapse into barely controlled anarchy, ruled by criminal gangs fronted by empty suits like in Russia?

Even Canada is breaking up – as freedom-loving Westerners shout their contempt for the collectivists in Ottawa who have turned their country into an international joke and jailed farmers for daring to sell their goods on the open market.

Freedom in America remains a possibility but the window is closing – there is, as theologians know, a period of grace – we are at the end of ours. We could repent and beseech the Lord to forgive us for having mocked His many blessings. We could stop slaughtering our unborn and stop waging aggressive war. Sadly, I don't see this happening.

In my horror at the loss of our freedoms I take some satisfaction in knowing these things, but then again, I've lived in a country torn apart by war and that teaches some bitter lessons so I see no good coming out of this.

We're that close folks. That close….

November 27, 2002