Why We Should Attack Saddam Hussein

Since many of the more discerning people in America are wondering why we seem unable to come up with any real reason to attack Iraq. I determined it was time for me to take a shot at it. After all, it is foolish to go to war unless there are some pretty compelling reasons.

America is reeling on the ropes now, from countless attacks from all quarters. Since our government has determined that it is the Iraqis who are our enemies than obviously it must have been them who are responsible for this list. After reading this list of atrocious acts you'll understand the need for immediate action lest we lose our remaining freedoms! Like Mr. Bush said, it's freedom itself that is under attack!

  • It was Iraqis who brought down the World Trade Center.
  • Saddam Hussein introduced poison gas and biological weapons into the Middle East.
  • It was the Iraqis who first deployed nuclear weapons in the region.
  • The Iraqis betrayed their ally the Serbs by bombing hospitals and schools in support of Al Queda terrorists.
  • Saddam is responsible for the teaching of promiscuity in our public schools.
  • He is the one responsible for the massacre of American civilians in Waco, Texas, and Ruby Ridge, Idaho.
  • It was Iraqi agents who convinced the US Congress that dismantling the Constitution was a good idea – changing the United States from a Republic to a mobocracy ruled by competing special interests.
  • Saddam took the US off the gold standard, setting the stage for an eventual economic catastrophe.
  • It is Iraq's fault that American military forces are over deployed in the world today, making us vulnerable to attack by any and all enemies.
  • It was Saddam who undertook to disarm the American public, making us vulnerable to all sorts of crime, terrorism and government tyranny.
  • Those pesky Iraqis are flooding across our Southern border as if the United States was merely a third-rate power, incapable of defending it's own territory or culture.
  • Saddam is responsible for the failure of the drug war, as well as the increasing militarization and inefficiency of our local police.
  • Iraqi warships and aircraft are sitting off our shores, waiting to invade.
  • Saddam Hussein attacks Texas frequently when US planes violate his supposed "no fly zone."
  • He has embargoed our country, keeping us from importing vital products while forbidding us to sell our own; causing economic hardship and the deaths of thousands of children.
  • The Iraqi prison system contains more prisoners than the total of all other prisons worldwide. Inside this corrupt prison system the inmates are routinely raped, beaten and even murdered while many are convicted of only minor offenses.
  • His regime is so demographically imposing that it might just be wise to attack now before his population increases from the already threatening twenty three million to some unspecified number where the US might find itself with less then the preferred ten to one advantage on the ground.
  • Saddam is a terrible dictator who beats up on the Kurds and Al Queda terrorists who threaten his regime, and we (who hate Al Queda) must destroy him together with our Turkish allies (who hate the Kurds). After all, it is rude of Saddam to interfere in our fights!

The most compelling reason to attack Iraq remains the most hilarious: if we don't, he will, at some unspecified time, obtain weapons with which he may harm the US or our client state, Israel. A brilliant use of logic this one – it gives our leaders carte blanche to attack virtually anyone, any time.

Perhaps that was the logic used by the Beltway Sniper – after all, anyone in the neighborhood could ultimately become a threat – best to just shoot ’em all and let God sort it out. Right?

A note for public school graduates: the above list details actions that are / were certainly criminal and deplorable, but none of them were perpetrated by the Iraqis. I leave it to you to identify the true culprit(s).

For extra credit, consider why our war hawk leaders have let the military deteriorate to a point where there are serious questions about even waging conventional war without taking seriously heavy casualties. You can find all the details you need at Soldiers For the Truth.

October 11, 2002