Fascist Code Words

Some code words are euphemisms with political intent. A euphemism is the substitution of an agreeable word for one that is not so agreeable.

That’s why we have the Department of Defense, rather than the Department of Killing People. The word Defense is friendly, and carries moral authority. When civilians are murdered by the Department of Killing People, the result is collateral damage. Fascist code words re-label theft and murder to make them appear as commerce and justice.

The four organizations listed below employ code words to disguise their one true objective: Complete subjugation of the human race. Curiously, each claims a different justification in order to pursue this goal.

Following is a description of the worlds primary code language generators, along with the moral claim of each.

D.O.D. – Vote Delivery Machine, and Home for Unwed Mothers.

Official Description: The Department of Defense is the nations largest employer, with 1.4 million men and women on active duty. Annual published budget of 270 billion dollars. The D.O.D. also maintains a classified budget, amount unknown.

Moral Claim: Evil can be eliminated if we eliminate freedom.

I.A.D.B. – Training camp for Tin Pot Dictators, including the American kind.

Official Description: The Inter-American Defense Board. This organization operates a top-level military planning center, and college. The I.A.D.B. teaches government employees and military commanders the methods of acquiring power . I.A.D.B.graduates, according to their website, occupy positions of great influence.

Moral Claim: Anarchy can be eliminated if we eliminate freedom.

Interpol – Money watchdog. Makes sure everyone pays taxes somewhere.

Official Description: Short for International Police, it isthe second biggest international organization after the United Nations. It’s stated mission is to gather and disseminate criminal intelligence in order to combat international crime.

Moral Claim: Crime can be eliminated if we eliminate freedom.

NATO – World Government enforcement tool.

Official Description: The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance. Their stated role is to safeguard the freedom and security of its 19 member countries. According to the NATO website, the North Atlantic Treaty derives its legitimacy from the U.N. Charter.

Moral Claim: War can be eliminated if we eliminate freedom.

Now that we have examined the four sources of fascist code language, we can look at the specific code words that they employ:

Covert Operations

Operations which are planned and executed as to conceal the identity of the sponsor. Example: Have a CIA funded terrorist fly a plane into the World Trade Center.

Psychological Consolidation Activities

Activities directed at the civilian population in areas under friendly control, in order to rally support for military objectives. Example: Have the Pentagon oversee production of a pro-war movie such as Black Hawk Down.

Psychological Media

Controllable media which establishes communication with a target audience. Example: The New York Times, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, Google.

Psychological Operations

Operations that convey information to foreign audiences in order to influence their behavior. Example: Drop food and money on Afghan refugees.

Psychological Situation

The emotional state or behavioral motivation of a target audience. Example: Patriotic fervor.

Psychological Operations Approach

The technique adopted to induce a desired reaction on the part of the target audience. Example: Incite Patriotic fervor, then declare war.

Psychological Warfare

The use of propaganda in order to influence the attitudes and behavior of hostile foreign groups. Example: Suggest the possible use of nuclear weapons.

Psychological Warfare Consolidation

Psychological warfare directed toward populations in friendly areas with the objective of promoting cooperation. Example: Have CIA operatives grant cash rewards for useful intelligence.

Perception Management

Actions that convey or deny selected information to a civilian population in order to influence their behavior. Example: Force a search engine to de-list unapproved websites.

The code words listed above represent deception, chicanery, and manipulation. In other words: Evil.

In order to understand why organizations use these methods, it is worthwhile to examine the makeup of systems in general. A book by John Gall entitled Systemantics describes the nature of systems, and how they eventually become living, breathing entities. Not only do they develop a collective consciousness, but they also develop the desire for growth, and mechanisms of self-preservation.

A system can be (among other things) a country, an organization, or a religion. In the case of a country, Patriotism is the mechanism of self-preservation. In an organization, it is allegiance to a cause. In a religion, it is faith. In all cases, the adherents are bound within a collective organizational consciousness.

The ego-like qualities of this organizational consciousness cause each system to lust for ever greater power. Greater power requires more personnel, which requires ever larger budgets, in a never ending spiral of growth. The lack of profit which would keep a private company in check does not serve as a restriction for a system that can extract taxes as needed from a captive regional or global population. Even if commercial activity declines as a result of excessive taxation, the tax supported systems continue to grow.

To justify this growth, these systems have no choice but to abandon the original purpose for which they were created. Thus, a moderate original goal must be replaced with a lofty objective, couched in a complex terminology, that is designed to sound virtuous. The elimination of evil, anarchy, crime, and war. In all cases, the objective requires growth.

Government bureaucracies play this game, as well. Currencies are expanded worldwide in a global competition of debasement. Inflation is the favored tax of geographic tax supported systems known as countries. As taxes increase, so must patriotism by a corresponding amount to avoid insurrection.

Eventually, the practical justification for a tax supported system grown huge disappears all together, leaving behind nothing but the naked lust for power. With it’s own language, it’s own culture, and it’s own survival mechanisms, the system feels that complete world domination is the only objective worthy of it’s infinite sense of self. Thus, the world falls under the control of tax supported thugs who have the strength, and the motive, to rob almost every person on the planet.

It’s probably too late to stop the current cycle of asset confiscation, currency debasement, and economic collapse. Our best hope is to train a new generation of citizens who are educated, brave, and willing to fight for their freedom, they same way our forefather’s fought so many times before.

March 20, 2002