Move Over, Blumert

Move Over, Blumert

I feel pretty darn good about myself today. I finally did it, and now I can cross it off my things-to-do list. I sent my check to

Lew Rockwell isn’t like Minnesota Public Radio, where three or four times a year they spend an entire week harping about how you have to support their station. Bless their little liberal hearts, they do work hard for their money.

Every few months Lew runs a polite request for support from publisher Burton S. Blumert, and if you look over the page, you can find the link to donations. is free to who ever wants it on the net, but it does cost money to keep it up and running.

For me, this is the premiere anti-war site on the web. There are more original articles on this site than any other that I read. And sure I have my favorites. I always read Lew, David Dieteman, Michael Peirce, and Bob Murphy first. I have also found that Brad Edmonds’s columns make me think like only a Doctor of Musical Arts who has gone into banking can.

People who write for Lew are, for the most part, not professional writers, so you get a better cross-section of what America is thinking. Also, the fact that you can email the writer with your comments makes this page special.

So, if you want to feel good about yourself too, send in a check or do it with a credit card through the secure server. Although I do find this page entertaining, I also find it is educational, and at this time in our country’s history, we have to educate ourselves about what is happening.

Lew Rockwell provides a lot of very insightful articles that you won’t get any where else, and we should all help to keep his voice on the web. Contribute!

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