Ride the Tiger

Our leaders answer always to some inner voice, pretending not to hear the voice of real Americans. They like to think that somehow they are still in control when in fact this "unified America" of which they prattle on endlessly, scares them to death, and rightly so. Hence all the "anti-terrorist" and "homeland security" acts directed not at the terrorist enemy, but at the American people. They know we are flying those flags for reasons that don't include homage to their greatness. Patriotism is pretty scary to men and women who are bought and paid for by international concerns. They like to pretend they invoked this outbreak of patriotism but they did not – the terrorists attacked us and it was a natural dynamic. The American people and the terrorists are in complete agreement on one issue: America is a sovereign nation. Our leaders are mighty worried about that.

That they are truly concerned just now is obvious in how they trot over to the studio to let Bill O'Reilly beat on them as if they were managers at some greasy spoon rather than movers and shakers of the free world. "OK Senator – I know you mean well but we've been hearing that for years…" Why do they submit themselves to that? I believe it is because they feel their power slipping away but can't pin down why that is so appearing on TV, even in a hostile environment like Fox News, helps remind them that they matter. Self esteem you know – as taught by their handlers in the teacher's unions.

They have no real idea just how angry we are at hearing our President and self appointed War Leader prattle on about we should love Muslims. Earth to Dubya – it was Muslims that blew up the Cole, that bombed and later destroyed the World Trade Center. It's time for Muslims to be reaching out to us, not the reverse. It was your friends the Saudis who were the major players in all this and no matter how many Afghanis you kill Mr. War Leader, we still know that you are covering for the true terrorists. All your globalist nonsense is going right up in smoke before your eyes yet still you preach to us as if we should somehow be buying into that failed mumbo jumbo called multi-culturalism.

To you who tell us we should get behind the president's policies – I ask simply, "What policies?" He wants to destroy the forces of evil in the world. Well partner, that's a pretty broad policy objective so I'll have to ask the traditional questions: how much will it cost me and whom do I have to kill? Well the answer from government and media is that Muslims are our best friends and are virtual co-religionists with Christians and our task is to both love them and kill them, at great personal expense, and without malice. And while we may have made a lot of it ourselves, people who use Anthrax as a weapon are bad. OK, I guess that will have to do in lieu of a real policy.

Bush actually suggested, in the midst of the Anthrax scare, that our children exchange letters and become pen pals with Afghani children. This poor sad fellow is willing to put your children at risk to preserve this devilish hoax of multi-culturalism. I don't make this stuff up – who could?

Are you aware that our tough talking war leader who will root out terrorists where ever they are, is still warm and cozy with them in Macedonia where thirteen policemen were brutally murdered by Islamic terrorists this week? His buddies the Saudis have refused to freeze bin Laden's funds and have refused to help at all in this investigation. They have refused us the use of the military bases we built at US taxpayer expense to protect the House of Saud. Some of our planes are actually flying to Afghanistan from as far as Missouri because of that. Bush, who like his Daddy, is loyal to his Saudi masters has now declared that there will be a state of Palestine – in gratitude to the Saudis for exactly nothing in return. It's a fine bargainer we've put in charge of negotiation with these foreigners. Quid pro quo? He don't need no stinkin' quid pro quo. One wonders what the taxpayers would have to do to get that kind of response from the president.

Have you figured out yet that all that the gazillion dollars worth of "forward staged" weaponry and armor we have stockpiled in Saudi Arabia is just sitting there as a gift wrapped package to international terror? That six thousand American servicemen are keeping that equipment in fighting trim for them, yet are unable to even display a crucifix around their neck in the presence of those ungrateful Arabian Sheiks and their hirelings? I guess that is how Muslims show their tolerance for others – certainly a fine group of people and I'm sure we'd all be happy to give up a son or two in defense of these folks.

So how serious are we about fighting this war? Are we protecting our own troops or kowtowing to a bought and paid for coalition? If Bush is so serious about this war, why were thousands of Pakistani "fighters" allowed to walk across the border into Afghanistan? Most of them were armed to the teeth, marching under the bright glare of the TV camera, with the expressed intention of joining up with their hero, bin Laden! Is there some reason why these people were not attacked? We are talking thousands of armed supporters of international terror who may well have constituted the biggest target of opportunity in history – yet Mr. War Leader is content to let them join the very people our ground troops are soon to fight. Bush is content to wait until they are dug in up to their eyebrows where no fighter-bomber can hurt them and then I guess, the fight starts. Or maybe we should exchange addresses with them and become pen pals?

I look at this, and at the farce of airport security and I blush at the stupidity around me. A reader had informed me that the security types in DC wear Muslim headdress but it sounded so crazy that I was hesitant to print that information without confirmation. Well the confirmation is in – it turns out that Argenbright Security, which was lambasted recently for letting an armed man through their checkpoint, had been earlier taken to task by government bozos for insisting that their security people look like Americans. The result was courses in Islamic awareness – certain to drive off any competent security personnel.

Of course you've noticed that "government security" means destroyed skyscrapers and intensive body searches of blue eyed blonds while well meaning cops and National Guardsmen stand around looking perplexed, wondering just what it is they are supposed to be doing. It gets worse of course – in Georgia, the scalawag who bought the governor's office called out the Guard but forbade them to carry those mean ole guns for fear that someone might be offended. He seems to have missed the meaning of the term "Armed Forces." So while you submit yourself to degrading and annoying delays as a passenger, the Muslims who work at the airport go merrily about their business, assuming no doubt, that Allah has rendered their enemies insane.

For the record, no country can ever be secure with open borders. We are not immune to that truism and the results were seen on a dark day last September. Let's see what our leaders do to correct this problem. So far, they have done exactly nothing, or worse.

Let's start by considering the case of that despicable governor of Georgia, Roy Barnes. He wishes to have a special Georgia ID card issued to illegal immigrants for "convenience." Amazingly his rationale is that this will help the police with traffic stops – traffic stops that could and should of course, be arrests! Like most government weasels he would rather have the revenue from a traffic citation then protect his state or country from terrorists. He is in fact, visiting with Vicente Fox this week, to determine how he can best betray the citizens he purports to represent. How many other governors are up to the same shenanigans? Michigan is now considered to be the largest Islamic community in America. I wonder how that resonates with the folks in that state who find their world turned upside down and were never given so much as a nod to let them know that this would be happening to them and their communities?

Most of these government villains are by trade lawyers, yet they do not enforce the laws we pay them to enforce. Perhaps in their years of heaping up fat salaries manipulating corporations and defending criminals, they pick up a mindset that is inconsistent with the integrity required of men in responsible public positions.

Let's not forget that preeminent of all rascals, the Lord's own Judgment on America, Billy Jeff Clinton. The one who released terrorists from prison at his wife's behest, and who depleted our strategic oil reserves to make his administration look good by holding fuel prices down, just before we found ourselves in a global war. Please, tell me again why such a creature is walking around this country as a free man? Have we forgotten that treason is a crime?

I submit that there is an answer to all this. Last year the Atlanta Braves completed an unspectacular season of baseball that was at times, actually embarrassing to watch. Their hitting was poor from first year rookie to Andrew Jones himself, and it was not an accident that the World Series played out without them. Despite the constant blathering by the announcers about what a great batting coach the Braves had in Merv Rettemund, that worthy was terminated (and justly) at the end of the season. Can we learn a lesson from that? Why should we tolerate incompetence in government when we do not in baseball?

Why do we tolerate inept bunglers and worse in positions of leadership? Why have we not stood up in righteous anger and subjected our leaders to arrest in large numbers for the crimes of treason and malfeasance? Our borders are not protected, our money is treated with greedy indifference. The constitution is utterly ignored and the "Patriot Act" was passed with out even being read by most of our "representatives." That's how Hitler came to power folks, only it was called the "Enabling Act" then and it was for the good of the Homeland; pardon me, I mean, the Fatherland.

Why ask why? The real answer is "so what". They control the schools and all will be fine in a couple of more years. There will be no more whining about outdated constitutions, Christian morality, and dead white males. Islam will be embraced like any and all cultural constructs, with the exception of Christianity. Since Christian doctrine has that nasty little construct with it, that all men are sinners and are accountable for their actions, we'll be done with it and move on. (Unbelievers might wish to reconsider at this point given the fact that Christianity is the only religion this world system actively hates and suppresses – that ought to tell you something!)

Here is how the schools are helping, in a depressing example from a reader who is a 12th grade history teacher.

"I just wanted to tell you how incredulous they got when I suggested that, to preserve our rights and return to the limited government that was intended and designed for this country, we might be forced to secede, as our Founding Fathers once did. I could not convince them on principle that if they valued freedom, the Constitution, and limited government, this might be the only option left to preserve these institutions. Many were resigned to accept that since government has always “progressed” to become more intrusive as the natural order of things, they were willing to accept it as unchangeable."

That our children think government has always "progressed" is a very scary thought indeed. The implications are horrendous but make sense given the way our politically correct media / government complex skews history and morality. Like in the old blues number where the vocal goes, "Think about your future baby, forget about your u2018used to be'." That's it isn't it? Why should we care whom we were, when the future is rolling down the tracks straight at us and this wild ride will just keep getting better.

As I write, Kabul appears to have fallen to the Northern Alliance. The executions have begun as one tribe of Afghanis displaces another in what we fail to see is an age-old ritual of blood and fire. Osama bin Laden remains to be found but the war against people who didn't bomb the World Trade Center is going just fine. Hundreds are dead as another jet plane mysteriously falls from the sky into New York and we are being told that the airlines are safer when an engine just falls off the wing than when Ahab the A-rab puts a bomb in the hold. Sure, whatever.

What genuinely worries me though, is the inexorable dynamic that is growing in the Balkans. We have the bad guy terrorists on the run in Afghanistan. The good guy terrorists are pressing their attacks in Macedonia – it is plausible to assume that given their NATO support, they will win. Confused yet? So just for the heck of it, could someone tell me what happens if the bad guy terrorists decide it might make sense to join their cousins in the Balkans, where thousands of American troops are "safely" ensconced in Camp Bondsteel? The trick to understanding this is to realize that the good guy terrorists and the bad guy terrorists are actually the same terrorists; they are separated only by geography.

What a diversion that could be, for someone who wished us harm. Does anyone in a leadership position understand the term, "worst case scenario?" The rules of engineering are not sustained by the Congressional will – the truth of it is that God created an orderly world and you can't escape the consequences of forgetting His nature when you're tramping all over that world in conqueror's boots.

Our American politicians have the long-range goal of subjecting us gently to the yoke. No plan is in effect – it's all done in real time without for thought. Although many of them don't realize it yet there is a dynamic created each time one of them does a favor for a "friend." Often that "friend" is a segment of the American people, such as school teachers or the ethnic group d'jour. That "favor" creates or impacts legislation that becomes part of a mosaic of injustice. No legislation is ever vetted against the clear intent of the founders nor could it be sustained if it were. This has created a huge mountain of law to whom only the politically correct can subject themselves without fear of sanction. I submit that this may have been unintentional but malice is not required when incompetence and yes, malfeasance conspire to work together. Our masters have no view of a big picture, each works in their own little piece of the picture with the connecting thread of intent, which is always self-aggrandizement.

Now for President we have Bush the Second, perhaps a better man than some but a product of this system and an advocate of it. He lies without blushing. "An attack upon freedom," says he. Meanwhile he cranks up that treasury printing press, destroying your future and mine.

What happens when these leaders, these idols we have set up for ourselves, face the next crisis?

We know the answer to that. The answer is always the same, the people who created the mess will distance themselves from the issue, then step up to the plate like real heroes and start forming a coalition. It will be merely the next event in our new "all war all the time" world, preferably with few American casualties. More civil liberties will be lost in America and our economy will suffer but the Brave New World marches on. I suppose watching the destruction of Western Civilization would be much easier to take if at least we were being brought down by some conqueror other then this writhing nest of snakes we raised up for ourselves. It somehow reminds me of the classic "B" movie from years ago – the one called "Killer Klowns From Outer Space."

November 15, 2001