Identifying Our Enemies

Like everyone else I watched in horror as a jet airliner crashed into the World Trade Center. A few long minutes later, the towers collapsed and I knew I had probably seen somewhere around ten thousand Americans die.

I sent my staff home as I realized that the attacks were continuing – the Pentagon was hit next. Our Rapid Deployment Force headquarters being in Atlanta, it seemed like a fair precaution.

When the dust had begun to settle the interviews began. I'd had a small whiskey to settle my stomach but nothing could keep my gorge from rising when General Wesley Clark began to pontificate. He'd warned us, we were told. Something must be done but those pesky Americans just won't wake up and do it. He was quite correct, down South we acknowledge that even a blind pig will occasionally find an acorn. But he had wrapped this grain of truth in an appalling lie.

You see, General Wesley Clark, mass murderer and the worst war criminal since World War II, is directly responsible for this attack. Pretty harsh words, eh? Irresponsible even. Unless you know the facts. For it was this wretched man who whined loudly that we hadn't murdered enough Serbs. Who was overseer of the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo. Who armed Islamic terrorists by the literal tens of thousands and set back civilization in the Balkans by hundreds of years.

Yes, he was just obeying the orders of the despot under whom he toiled – the tawdry and criminal Bill Clinton. Just obeying orders, of course, the mantra of murder in our age. He served his master eagerly, killing joyfully and watching Christians run screaming from burning buildings as the terror bombers unloaded their deadly cargoes on civilian targets. While some of us prayed that at least a single American pilot might refuse these illegal and immoral orders, Clarke urged them on and posed with those macho "fighters" of the KLA. He fancied himself a real tough man. Today we got to see some Christians a little closer to home, running from burning buildings that had been hit by terror bombers. Thanks, Wes, we owe you.

Certainly, reasoned our masters, this "clear sighted" policy of arming murderers would inure us from their attacks. We're pals, right? Our political leaders, the media, the neo-cons, the globalists, and the cultural Marxists promised us that. And who cares if these Islamic savages kill Slavs or Jews? Certainly not Bill Clinton, nor his lying successor who had pledged to get us out of the Balkans.

George Bush is arguably more of a traitor to his country than was Bill Clinton – his open borders policy contrasts highly with his pathetically feeble address to the nation tonight. The one where he spoke of Americans as a "great people." A great people?! Hardly. We have been subsumed by the lower classes of the world's third rate countries. He and his appalling predecessor opened the doors to the rabble and kissed goodbye any sense of cultural continuity that might exist here, any chance of us even being a "people" at all. While the doors were open, the Muslims walked in right alongside Bushes' good friends the Mexican scofflaws. How do you like them?

Is a man who is destroying the culture of his own country while tightening the yoke of government around our necks, anything less than a traitor? If this is supposed to be a constitutional republic, and he is tasked with defending our borders, then I can find no other term for him. He, and his pals in government, changed us from a country that attracted the best people for the best reasons, to a giant refugee center for the indigent.

Our government tries to pose as a peacemaker in the Middle East – yet attacks Iraq several times a week. Our cartoon-like CIA operatives are busily training Palestinian "policemen" and no doubt, expecting their gratitude in return. Meanwhile, down the street, Israelis are using American gunship helicopters to blow up the police station. Yet today I heard Americans crying that we "must wake up" and stop being such sweet guys. So many of us really think our policies are those of a nice guy who is something of a sap. The latter of course is true; the former is not.

I can't help asking if all this is necessary. Which one of these situations I've described had anything to do with our national interest? Did we really think we could arm and pretend to support various sides in a religious war, and escape unscathed? I think our leaders believed that. The hubris, the arrogance, and the pretentiousness of our leaders is virtually unprecedented in the history of the world. Those of us who have opposed these policies have been savaged by the State media organs as racists, nativists, and isolationists. We are, however, quite correct.

Now Americans are enraged. The battered victims of this particular terror bombing are our friends and neighbors. We are crying for blood and will no doubt be rewarded with a new shower of cruise missiles on some hapless fools in the wastelands of Afghanistan or Iraq. Yet this is the beginning of it and not the end. Americans have opened their borders, turned off their common sense, and prattled on about "diversity" so long that many have come to actually believe that nonsense.

Truth truly does hurt. Some people are not fit to live our neighborhood. Some who could have been, have instead become dangerous to us because of our ludicrous and murderous foreign policy. The world is awash in American weapons, yet our leaders sigh earnestly about "gun violence" here at home. These are chickens that were going to come home to roost. How very sad that these usually incompetent yet murderous posers of the Islamic movement finally got it right – and as always, getting it right for those people means killing civilians in large numbers. Very sad indeed, but not unexpected. These are the people who are drowning Western Europe and are flooding into the United States. Perhaps we should follow the lead of Norway, which is offering sex education to these people in the naïve hope that it will curb their impulse to rape. We could have a "murder education" class. "You see guys, it's actually a bad thing to rape and murder." "Oh! Gee whiz, sorry about that" I had previously thought only American school teachers were that silly.

What happens next? Will we continue to support Bin Laden's forces in Yugoslavia? A better question is "will the globalists and their government lap dogs continue to crave money and power"? The answer to both of these questions is "Yes." We will assist these cretinous barbarians in their savagery because our people have adopted the mentality of the serfs in Czarist Russia and our leaders are venal to the point of absurdity. Can it be an accident that we have thrown open the borders to people with no tradition of liberty?

I wonder how much sympathy the beleaguered Slavs of Macedonia are feeling towards us tonight? We who have visited the horrors of the Islamic fundamentalists upon them, have now had a taste of it ourselves. I'd guess they are probably reciting old sayings, such as "what goes around comes around." Whether you know it or not, whether you wish to accept it or not, those murderous Islamic "freedom fighters" are swallowing Macedonia up with the help of armed American troops. You are tolerating it, you are paying for it, and it's doubtful you even know about it. Sorry to burst all these bubbles, but it's not just the bad guys of the world who hate us.

The search is on to identify our enemies. Some of us have already done so and found that not all of them are wearing towels on their heads. Soon the missiles will be flying, and our freedoms here at home will be further limited in the name of the great unappeasable god called "security." Hopefully, the beasts who killed those people at the Trade Center will die in agony and wake up to find the "seventy dark eyed virgins" with whom they hoped to spend eternity have an unanticipated demeanor and a stench of sulfur about them. But what of our masters? What of those who created this situation and armed these beasts?

Yet while I detest our leaders for destroying our constitutional republic, and getting us involved in foreign entanglements that inevitably led us to weeping mothers and maimed children, I confess that I truly despise these terrorists. Had they chosen to merely attack the Pentagon and not slaughter airline passengers or defenseless office workers, I could have at least credited them with a legitimate act of war. But our Islamic partners in "diversity" tend to conduct themselves as savages and this was to be expected. I admit that I have looked at similar monsters over the sights of gun, and I liked the view. Yet no matter how many we kill, our masters will raise up more.

So what happens next? First, we have to determine which Islamic terrorists are the bad guys de jour. This will be dicey since the shadowy Osama Bin Laden has a confusing way of being on the side of both our friends and enemies. Get your score cards out and suspend disbelief for a second and try to understand this triumph of foreign policy. We are mad at the Russians for beating up on Chechnya – Bin Laden is on our side in that one. We are mad at Christian Slavs in the Balkans for reasons that seem to be mostly about them being in the way of the oil and drug trades. Bin Laden is on our side there too – all in favor of the new Albania raising from the ashes of non-existence!. He was on our side when we found it amusing to stick a dagger in the Soviet Union and sent him all those nice instructors and anti air missiles in Afghanistan for his mujahadeen fighters. We're not sure where we stand on the India / Pakistan contretemps, so we call it neutrality. Bin Laden of course supports the Pakis since they are Muslim. We slide over to the Middle East and find that we are mad at Bin Laden for blowing up our ship, and earlier, our embassies. He hates Israel and we support them – yet we also support the Palestinians. So if we follow recent events we can say that in most instances, we are on the side of the very terrorist upon whom we are already affixing the blame for this latest atrocity.

We have filled his coffers with money and his armories with weapons. Sort of like we did with Sadaam Hussein. Am I the only one asking how my country can be at war with a single individual? I'm wondering if the guy really exists at all, or if big brother in Washington invented him to give us somebody to scream at during the "ten minute hate." Of course our masters are wheeling and dealing with the Muslims so we are given one man to hate, and we are to have the others move to our backyard where we can celebrate their quaint customs with them. Like we did today.

So are you following this so far? The trick is to turn off logic and just list the facts. Having done so, it's easy to see that we are governed by men whose conduct is that of the mentally and morally feeble. Or something worse… These government types are not even in agreement with each other, and their policy is based on whimsy, which is only partly true since nothing talks louder to American politicians than money.

Let's consider our options and see if there is a way out of this mess our "diplomats" have created. The sane thing to do would be to close our borders, expel all illegals, and forbid any immigration from non Christian countries. Then bring home all our troops from foreign countries, renounce all our military alliances, arm our loyal population and declare ourselves neutral, but dangerous. Trade with all, but keep our noses out of their business. Stop selling military hardware to anyone anywhere in the world. Let them spend themselves into oblivion, as the Soviets did, and we are doing, if they are so set on fighting.

We have a lot to do here at home if we want to take our Republic back from these foppish buffoons with all the big ideas. Let's concentrate on that. Freedom is too wonderful to give it away to men like those – they are not even effective as villains and deserve our contempt, not our veneration. For ideas we have two thousand years of Western civilization to draw upon, a fact that has been forgotten in government and academe. Time to remind them of certain eternal verities.

And here is big insulting reminder to all you neocons who are now screaming for blood. You, and your good friends on the Left, have between you, destroyed our military. There will be no more Operation Desert Storm type affairs. Our feminized military is not up to the job – neither in numbers nor attitude. Our boys and girls haven't got much chance against real soldiers. You fools allied yourselves with the liberals and communists in the name of empire, and now you haven't got the where with all to keep it. You are not just murderers and traitors, you are failures. You weren't good enough to run an empire but just had to have one; net result: you destroyed a fine country in your quest for power and now you don't know what to do, do you?

Identifying enemies will not require any particularly adept detectives. Determining what to do with them will require a bit more of us – and since it will require moral courage, we probably won't do much of anything in the end.

September 13, 2001