Bush Amnesty Plan Will Bury Republicans Forever The Outcome of the Immigration Issue Will Decide All Other Political Issues

Not many realize it yet, but immigration is the mother of all issues. Every political, economic, and social issue facing the country today and most importantly in the future depends on how we resolve the immigration issue. Other issues, such as taxes, education, government spending, judicial appointments, abortion, gun control, energy, and national defense, receive much more attention by the media and politicians. Yet national policy on all these issues and many more depend upon how the immigration issue is resolved. The public is still scarcely aware of the immense importance of the immigration issue. They have not yet seen that every freedom, our very liberty, and the future of our constitutional republic are in the balance. President Bush and his advisors seem blind to the implications that our immigration policy will have on the national polity. All the principles upon which the nation was founded may soon be lost to us and our posterity, if we do not awaken to the threat posed by President Bush's plan of amnesty for illegal, Mexican immigrants. In a time when immigration reform is badly needed, President Bush is not only unwilling to confront the already considerable problems of massive and uncontrolled third world immigration to the United States, he is proposing an amnesty for illegal aliens that will bury forever any chance of future reform. Thereby will also be buried any hope of conservative majorities in Congress. Thereby will be buried all the principles of true liberty which conservatives hoped to see maintained and prevail. Thereby every issue will in the future be decided according to the godless principles of an increasingly imperial, statist, modern liberalism. Thereby will be buried the Republican Party except as a shadow of its former principles and influence.

President Bush received only 49 per cent of the popular vote in his recent election, actually a few hundred thousand less than his liberal Democrat opponent. Republicans retained their majority in Congress by a very narrow margin in both seats and popular vote. The U. S. Senate has now passed narrowly into Democrat hands. Much has been said and written of this nearly even split between the major parties.

It represents more than just party affiliations. It represents deep ideological, regional, moral, and religious division. The government hangs in the balance between a free economy and increasing socialism, between the principles of limited government and statism, between those who base their moral vision on Biblical teachings and those who would dethrone those teachings. Most people see this now. Surprisingly, too few on the conservative and Republican side of this division realize the inevitable impact that uncontrolled third world immigration is having and will have on the balance of power. In the 2000 election President Bush received, despite his "Hispanic" campaign strategy only about 35 per cent of the Hispanic vote. Within this group are actually voting populations somewhat diverse. These range from the predominantly Republican Cuban vote, which is largely middle class and very anti-Communist; old line Texas and New Mexican families with some leaning to social and economic conservatism; and recent Mexican and Central American immigrants, who are largely unskilled and less educated. For the most part these last have little appreciation for such issues as limited government and free enterprise. Nor are they steeped in the tradition of constitutional law and its protections against arbitrary government. They have little interest in such issues or their history. Bush probably received no more than 25 per cent of this group judging from his vote in California. They are a political constituency with overwhelming Democrat leanings. Yet Bush is proposing to give amnesty to more than three-million similar illegal immigrants, largely from Mexico. This would not only make a mockery of U. S. Law, but undoubtedly encourage more massive illegal immigration. This demographic group has been voting Democrat at ratios of two and three to one over Republicans. Further reinforced this voting block will tip the balance of political power decisively and perhaps permanently to the liberal Democrats.

The Bush political strategists plan to raise their vote among Hispanics from 35 per cent to 40 per cent. Let us hope this campaign plan will not compromise conservative principles or in any way imitate the pandering to envy and ignorance at which the Democrats so excel. But how will Republican and conservative causes be served by bringing in millions of new voters that will vote 60 per cent or better for Democrats? President Bush and his advisors seem either to be short on mathematical aptitude or reasoning ability. Perhaps they are only looking at the short term. But can we afford national leaders who do not have the vision and courage to look beyond the next election cycle? The balance of power is very narrow, so the term will be very short indeed. A shift in power to the left by such demographic means will likely be irremediable. President Bush and his advisors, if they get their way, will leave a miserable legacy for themselves and the nation. Those of us that voted for Bush are grievously disappointed.

The President's advisors have only to look at California too see the hand-writing on the wall. California was once a solidly Republican state. In just a few years Mexican immigration has turned California into an impregnable Democrat and very leftist stronghold. Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona may soon be next. Even in the solidly conservative Southeastern states, Democrats are hoping to permanently overturn Republican hopes with increased registration of new immigrants within a few election cycles.

With the demographic shift that our present immigration policy and especially President Bush's amnesty for illegal aliens will bring, our recent tax cut will be short lived. A new Democrat and liberal Congress will soon reverse the cuts and taxes will be higher than ever, and even more designed to soak the middle class to pay for the votes of the government dependent classes. With an increasing Democrat majority not only Right to Life, but every vestige of Judeo-Christian morality will soon be under attack. Free religious exercise and speech will come under increasing attack and persecution. No vision of a strong American Defense will stand for long. National policies on energy and government spending will pander to the short-sighted, leaving posterity to reap disaster. No constitution or constitutional amendments will protect our rights from an imperial court system. Education will become the propaganda of demagogues. All these results will follow from the simple mathematics of the unprecedented demographic changes confronting us.

We must be realistic about the nature of these demographic changes. The unskilled and uneducated have never been and never will be the bulwark of liberty. Some may prove themselves unselfish friends and defenders of liberty, but sadly most will not. History gives us no warrant for optimism on this point. The liberal panacea of education has proven a vain hope. It is laughable naivete to place our hope in changing their vulnerability to pandering demagogues before generations have passed. It would be wise also to remember that much of what liberals refer to as education is not knowledge nor does it result in or encourage clear thinking. It is shallow propaganda designed to perpetuate the liberal world-view. It will not be reversed in a few election cycles. The mathematical calculations are simple. Legalizing and enfranchising millions of voters who will favor liberal Democrats by 60 to 75 percent will inflict enormous political, economic, and social damage on the nation that could last for generations. All hopes for lower taxes, reduced government spending and regulation, strengthened constitutional government, and a society that honors the moral and religious traditions of its founders will be down the drain along with all the other values that make for a strong and free nation. The bitter irony is that this political tragedy and fiasco would be issued forth by a Republican President and those timid Republicans that would blindly follow his incredibly stupid immigration policies.

I recently received a letter from a Republican politician repeating those oft spoken words, " we are a nation of immigrants." Indeed, we are a nation of immigrants. But let us have the common sense to distinguish between immigrants who have come seeking freedom and are wary of those that might take it away, and those who know little of our history, our constitutional principles, and our moral foundations, and who might by demagoguery and ignorance unwittingly be the instruments of our destruction. Let us dispense with sentimental generalities that undo common sense. Let not, "they were a nation of immigrants," be the epitaph of a formerly great Republic. The public and even the Republican Party are slow to realize the implications of the immigration issue, but upon the immigration issue hang all other issues. We are already in a precarious position. Bush's amnesty for illegal aliens would be political suicide in four years. It would result not only because of the increased numbers of Mexican immigrants likely to vote against him, his party, and conservative principles, but an increasing number of conservative voters who will no longer tolerate such blundering stupidity and disrespect of their interests. Conservatives will not be celebrating the President's political suicide, however. They will bury our principles and the Republican Party with him. I pray that the President and his advisors would open their eyes and gird up their courage before the nation has slipped too far to save.

    August 10, 2001