With God On Our Side

In 1963, Bob Dylan wrote a song “With God on our side” and in it he explains how America was able to do whatever it wanted in war, because we had God on our side. For some reason that song kind of popped into my mind when I read about the charges against Slobodan Milosevic.

It is pretty obvious that poor Slobo didn't have any “higher power” working for him. If he did, his wasn't as powerful as ours. You know we think of Milosevic, Timothy McVeigh, and any other mass killers, as the epitome of evil, foul people, that are rightly punished by America, because we are such a morally superior country.

Sometimes I think of the man that lives down the road from me. He was in the 8th Air Force in World War 2, a bomber pilot. He told me about the saturation bombing raids they did on German cities. He said that there were targets, factories, rail centers, and refineries, but that they were right in the middle of cities. Sometimes I think that if we didn't have God on our side he would be a mass murder.

What about Franklin Delano Roosevelt? I mean he was the head guy in all of World War 2. With the admitted killing of millions of civilians, wouldn't that be a crime against humanity or is that genocide? I guess as long as we were spreading these killings all over the globe it would just be a crime against humanity. I really think for it to be genocide, we would have had to concentrate our killing more.

Dropping atomic bombs on cities, I think should get a us some sort of ranking with the really evil countries in the history books. Good thing that we are writing them. I guess the buck didn't stop there. Having God helping us really saved Harry.

Then we have Robert McNamara and Henry Kissinger, I would also, my being a vet like to add General William Westmorland, these three were instrumental in giving us things like the Phoenix program, Agent Orange, the bombing of Hanoi. Hey, what the heck, with God giving us the “OK”, then all of these things were for the betterment of mankind.

Now you know we paid a bounty in order to get our hands on Slobo, I just wonder if maybe these rich Arab countries got together and made us a really good offer, then we could come out ahead by handing these guys and their like over. We must think that this “world ” court, in The Hague, is better than our own or we wouldn't be part of it. Henry has enough blood on his hands to demand many billions in bounty money, I mean if Slobo can get the Yugoslav government over 1 billion, Kissinger should be worth 10 easy, in terms of deaths caused. Sure is too bad that Franklin and Harry died we could knock down some really big money with them.

Maybe God gave us these rights to do whatever we want in war for a reason. Maybe it was to get the value of our war criminals way up there so that we could really do something good with the money we get for them.

July 3, 2001