The Feminists Are Winning

Reading the newspaper stories that toe the feminist line has given me some new insights on what's been happening in the U.S. It has become clear that left-wing feminists dominate the media, the schools, and key parts of both the legal system and the government. They saturate the country with false or misleading statistics to back up the message that men are violent by nature; and that in the right circumstances, men are only too willing to abuse women and children. They insist that men subjugate women, and they hold as an unassailable truth that women are in all aspects morally superior to men. They then use these "facts" to justify the suppression of men in every type of interaction-both personal and professional-not only with women, but with the whole of society.

This ideology is now well-established and has generated the following key trends, which are generally played down by the mass media:

  • The government has pressured most large organizations into giving women preferences in hiring and promotions.
  • Sexual harassment laws get men fired from their jobs when a women hears something she considers offensive. In addition, if a man doesn't regularly defer to women, one of them will eventually spread the word that he has a problem working with women. His job becomes a dead end, or he loses it.
  • Boys are being driven out of the schools, which have been re-designed solely for girls' way of learning. And men are starting to avoid college because of the hostile feminist climate. So women are moving ahead of men in getting advanced degrees. More promotions for women.
  • The IRS code provides at least six subsidies encouraging women to divorce their husbands when the excitement wears off. (Around three-quarters of divorces are initiated by women.)
  • Family courts (under the legislature's standards) routinely deprive fathers of their children. Furthermore, the courts normally refuse to enforce even minimal visitation rights when mothers prevent fathers from seeing the children.
  • Family violence protective orders are widely used to get fathers out of the house so that women can get sole custody more easily.
  • Court-ordered payments to ex-wives are exorbitant, typically one-third or more of a father's take-home pay. (My own son was ordered to pay almost two-thirds of the income from his first, low-paying job.)
  • Courts often refuse to lower so-called child-support amounts when fathers' income drops. When fathers become delinquent, they are publicly smeared as "deadbeats," and often jailed. In fact, the Bradley Amendment prohibits any reduction in "child-support" arrears, even if the father is totally disabled.
  • Courts order men to pay "child support" even when the children aren't theirs. And this may be a far-from isolated problem in an age where DNA-testing companies say that up to one-third of all children are not sired by the man named by the mother.
  • Battered men are ignored by both government family violence programs and the media. In fact they are often arrested when neighbors call the police, regardless of the evidence at the scene when officers arrive.

There can be no doubt that these trends have contributed directly to the extraordinarily high rates of men's suicide, drug addiction, homelessness, poverty, violence, imprisonment, and early death from stress-associated diseases. And the trends are accelerating. For example, the suicide rate of divorced fathers is now almost ten times the rate of divorced women.

Men desperately need to know that it is self-destructive to get involved with, especially to have a child with, a woman who will deliberately cause him harm when she decides to leave. Men need to discuss these issues with any woman they get involved with. If she doesn't strongly commit to joint custody of children and equal child support if she splits, the men shouldn't get in any deeper.

As for advice to men who already have children: keep their mother happy.

She's got a big gun!

May 23, 2001