• Killing Tim McVeigh

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    feel some real ambivalence regarding the death penalty. On one hand,
    the execution of a brutal murderer satisfies some dark visceral
    instinct within me. On the other, we've seen all too many cases
    of botched prosecutions or even worse, deliberate prosecutorial
    malpractice, wherein the State with deliberate malice aforethought,
    convicts an innocent.

    is no innocent. As recent events reveal, he's an intelligent and
    very articulate individual, who at a minimum, participated in what
    could be called the most violent act of domestic U.S. anti-State
    terrorism in the entire 20th Century. The full story
    of the Oklahoma City bombing will probably never be known, but McVeigh
    has admitted his part.

    now, he will die. A State executioner will inject a lethal cocktail
    to both stop his heart and still his breath. Supposedly a more u2018humane'
    alternative to frying him with electricity or forcing him to breathe
    cyanide gas.

    I'm forced to observe is this: Timothy McVeigh is a piker when it
    comes to killing.

    real champions of death are the State in all of its myriad forms.

    the bodies. Literally hundreds of millions of individuals, both
    military and civilian were slaughtered by the State in the 20th
    Century. World Wars One and Two, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama
    and The Gulf War (which still continues) are just a partial listing
    of the parade of death in which the leaders of the United States
    have embroiled its citizens in.

    atrocities committed by the Communist/Socialist regimes were even
    worse. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others of their ilk engaged
    in open warfare against the citizens of their lands, piling up dead
    human flesh in mountains so high that the stench must have surely
    offended the very nostrils of God.

    in the dawn of the 21st Century, the picture being painted
    does not look much better. We have regional wars being waged almost
    everywhere, many of which hold the promise of erupting into major
    multinational conflicts.

    the Middle East, the Israelis continue to make war against Palestinians
    and of course Palestinians respond in kind. Israel, once held out
    as a beacon of hope, has become a symbol of oppression for millions
    of Islamic peoples worldwide. The Palestinians fight back with whatever
    pitiful weapons they have at their command, including their children.

    the former Communist State of Yugoslavia we have levels of ethnic
    hatred that certainly rival and perhaps surpass those in the Middle
    East. Added to the mix, we have United States troops, various forces
    from the EU States and military from the former U.S.S.R. The killing
    there won't stop.

    of the former U.S.S.R., may I mention Chechnya? Since early September
    Russia has been carrying out a brutal war against Chechnya, first
    by launching air-strikes and then by sending thousands of troops
    into the republic. Troops, armor and heavy artillery, backed by
    ground attack aircraft and helicopter gunships have poured into
    the Chechen territory claiming to wipe out the "terrorists".
    However according to independent sources over 10,000 innocent civilians
    including women, children and elderly people have been killed so
    far in air-cum-artillery campaign.
    Which of course has the potential to involve Afghanistan and Pakistan
    if it widens.

    are dozens of other State-sponsored killing fields that I could
    mention. Let me end with one that right now is bidding to become
    the United States' new Vietnam. Columbia.

    by civil war, it is quickly becoming another chapter in history
    of U.S. meddling in Latin America. U.S. "advisers" are
    on the ground, training the armed forces; CIA officials are sharing
    "intelligence" with a drug-corrupted military that has
    one of the worst human rights records in the hemisphere. According
    to Amnesty International, more than 1,000 civilians were killed
    in 1998 by Colombian security forces or paramilitary groups. However,
    the leftist Colombian narco-guerillas are no better. If history
    proves true, leftists almost always trump rightists when it comes
    to killing, should they gain full power.

    me close by bringing this back to McVeigh. He did a horrible thing.
    The State in all its awful majesty will now poison him.

    will we poison the State?

      10, 2001

      Elkins [send him mail]
      is a freelance consultant and writer living in North Central Florida.

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