Happy Mother's Day

We’ve been betrayed by our Congress, our Supreme Court and our President. Our local officials have prostituted themselves for power and money. Our churches have chosen the low road to apostasy in exchange for the grudging approval of the secular media, who themselves have become nothing more than purveyors of pornography and violence. Our schools are a pathetic failure; they are not even particularly effective at pushing the politically correct party line – the teachers wallow in it but are so relentlessly ineffective that they can’t even teach that. Nothing works. Something has gone sour in America.

So what’s left?

Mom…or so we thought. Who is always there for us, who can we always count on when the rest of the world is a mess. Mom.

So what the hell is she doing out there making a public spectacle of herself in support of an unconstitutional effort to deny free born Americans the right to bear arms? Why is she making a fool of herself, publicly; and consorting with people of low moral repute – specifically those political and media stars who fronted that travesty? Has Mom just joined the communist party? Is she stupid? What is going on here? Over?!

I’m to believe that Mom, in the person of the hundred thousand or so idiots who joined in that monstrous display of treasonable foolishness, thinks that I must be disarmed. She thus assumes, or pretends to assume, the high moral ground. We might reasonably ask ourselves where she gets off with this nonsense. Has she, or least those silly thousands who participated in the march, made some previous claim to moral insight or taken a stand when it counted? Let’s examine the history of this group of mothers…

One remembers of course, the million mom march to stop the horror of abortion. No? Must have missed it. And the million mom march to stop the mass starvation of Iraqi civilians. Nah – had to work that weekend. Not to mention the million mom march to stop the terror bombing in Kosovo. Remember that one? No?

Of course not. Because in the America these silly women envision, killing your unborn child is an act of moral courage – we terminate pregnancies not babies. Madeleine Albright has made it clear that half a million Iraqi children dead of starvation is small potatoes compared to the illusive gains we have made by killing them. She’s probably right and besides, it’s so exciting to have a woman as Secretary of State. Supporting homicidal Islamic drug pushers in Kosovo is again, a form of realpolitik that proves that the end justifies the means, despite the fact that the end is no where in sight. No need to worry about war crimes anyway – General Claudia Kennedy is on the job, heading up the sensitivity seminars.

After a while it becomes quite clear that these people think killing children is just fine.

Yet in the most blatant hypocrisy of recent history these fatuous fraus determined that a statistically inconsequential rate of accidental deaths and several recent high profile school shootings were enough to justify overturning the constitution of the United States. It is after all, about the children. What level of hubris can this people have descended to, to dare to ignore moral issues of huge import, and still dare to hold forth as if they have some moral imperative? One gasps in disbelief! Or are they simply liars? One wonders.

To me, the most annoying ones were not the shrill operatives of the politically correct establishment. Those happy harridans were easily identified and are well known socialist agitators. One is not surprised when dogs bark, they are after all, just dogs… No, the ones who genuinely frighten me were those air heads who "just want to take a stand to stop the violence." Is it not violent to murder a child by driving a pair of scissors through it’s head? Hello?! Anybody out there with a double digit IQ? How is that you have missed this? Why is that you don’t care? Or is that you are so very busy, and want a quick fix of moral activism on the cheap; no thinking, analysis or actual commitment required? Well, they’ve taken their stand and damn it, they’re serious!

Where you asleep the last twenty years while your kids were watching their designated twenty thousand shootings per child hood on the same tv networks whose hirelings organized your "spontaneous" march? Nope. You were not asleep at all. You were at work, finding "fulfillment" in some bogus career and letting the state raise your children. You were supporting liberal politicians who have turned this country into a cesspool. You were supporting freedom of speech, a right you imagine is guaranteed you in some mysterious fashion other than having been bought with blood by men with guns. You have, by your actions, rewarded venality and chosen simplistic solutions at the expense of serious thought – trusting your emotions while letting your intellect atrophy. Crying out for biologically unlikely equality with men while clinging to some feeble claim to moral authority based on your femininity, while rejecting that same femininity in the "struggle" to deconstruct two thousand years of Christian culture. And you presume to complain that all is not well in this wonderful, schizophrenic culture you have created?

You have celebrated imagined victories like the feminization of the United States military. So who is going to defend your kids, about whom you purport to care so much, when the barbarians start licking their lips, as they always do, and march in to take this fat, festering culture and plunder it? If you are turned off by a few gun related accidents, as you claim to be – what is going to happen to your tender sensitivities when your daughters come home in a body bag, or missing some parts? Because that is what you have bought yourselves. You will weep and wail when it happens, and well you should. Be sure to put the blame where it belongs – on yourselves. It will get worse. The military you and Patsy Shroeder have created, is capable of murder, but quite incapable of defending our borders against a determined enemy. One who is "insensitive," and will not honor your stress chits.

This long miserable period of frenzied self indulgence which has characterized the United States since the second world war, is starting to bear bitter fruit. You’ve murdered so very many of your own children that foreign workers are replacing you – the country is starting to look very different. You pretend to like it but wonder at the violence that seems to accompany this change. You gasp that your surviving children shoot each other and stare back at you with robotic expressions of desperation and confusion. You fill them full of drugs and wonder why they act like drug crazed maniacs.

Worst of all, you live out a life of contemptible contradiction in your morally reprehensible life styles, and then wonder why your children are such a mess. Perhaps it’s ingratitude. Or perhaps you have betrayed them.

Take a long hard look in the mirror, Ms Million Mom Marcher, and tell me one good reason why I should give up my only constitutional right that really matters, the only one that gives me any hope for freedom and safety in the horror of the moral lawlessness that you have bequeathed me, and tell me please: why in the hell should I care what your opinion is about anything?

May 25, 2000

Mr. Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith side, of course).

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