Clinton's Army – All That They Can Be

by Michael Peirce

I'm having trouble buying into this "crisis." It's not that I'm fearless and have no concern if the country blunders into a new world war, far from it. I'm just outright flabbergasted that this has happened at all, and even more so by the reaction of my friends on the right.

They apparently think there are two sets of rules for international conduct. Few of us can have missed the hoopla about Chinese companies buying into to our erstwhile "possession," the Panama Canal and renting a major naval base in California. This was and is conceived of by Americans as aggression against this country.

Now we investigate the other side of the coin and let's see what America feels is the acceptable for international conduct by Americans.

Recently we violated all norms of international behavior by blasting the dickens out of a Christian country which has long served Europe as the so called military frontier against Muslim invasion. I'm talking about Serbia of course. While we were at it, we ruthlessly bombed the Chinese consulate, killing Chinese nationals. Deliberately, and with malice aforethought. In criminal court, that is called murder.

Many in congress and our war like "conservative" pundits constantly remind us that our "real" enemy is China. Why? Because they oppress Christians, we are told. Huh? It's open season on Christians here in America. Those vicious, treasonous communists of the ACLU are actually telling us that it is improper to say grace at VMI. So following that logic, and if the Chinese responded in kind – would they bomb our consulate? Send a spy plane to patrol off our coast?

The Chinese use labor from prison camps to produce the goods with which they are flooding our markets and taking American jobs. OK. Then why did congress change the name of the "Most Favored Trading" status so that they could award it to the Chinese? Why do Americans buy these "tainted" goods? And in the interests of exposing hypocrisy whenever I can – why do we insist that our own prison population, which by the way, exceeds in numbers that of any other country in the world including China, are made to work? Is it not slave labor to use prisoners to work? Those are the guys in the white jackets and striped pants you see cleaning up the roads in Georgia. If it is slave labor in China, it is slave labor in America.

Ultimately, what happens in China is not our business. If we were minding our own business, as we should, our America would not have become a cesspool.

The Chinese in fact, have one rule of criminal law in which I find considerable merit – they shoot corrupt politicians!

Bill Clinton, that cheap crook who filled his pockets with Chinese money, left us a situation where they are considerably better armed and technologically more astute than they were eight years ago. Trading with them is one thing – but why on earth would we sell weaponry to them? Indeed, why sell weapons to anyone?! In the case of the Chinese, we are routinely condemning them in public forums while making high tech weapons available to them. What must the Chinese think? Does the term, "mixed signals," come to mind when you consider this?

Now, as we start rattling our sabers again, have any of the right wing conservatives, particularly the scoundrels of that breed in Washington, pondered what has happened to the American military? As we talk tough, we dress our military up in drag – gender diversity and sensitivity will not help us when then chips are down, and with our paltry leadership, the chance of war goes from "maybe" to inevitable.

So let's examine the two parts of this astounding dichotomy we are living.

First – having a spy plane virtually on the border of China is an act of aggression, pure and simple. Second, we better stop beating the war drums because if the conduct of our "fighting men and women" on that plane is any example, we better leave the fighting to the tough guys. As in someone other than our own military.

Maybe the French could lend us some of their Foreign Legionnaires?

These military folks of our new and sensitive armed forces actually landed a plane full of top secret technology at a Chinese military base rather than risk their lives by ditching it in the sea or braving the bullets of the Chinese fighters. Hello? "Duty, Honor, Country, anyone? Or how about "Death before dishonor?" These folks will come home eventually and be treated as heroes. What a sad joke. A real soldier wouldn't take a free drink in a bar where those "heroes" had ever set foot.

I bet the Chinese Army folks at Hainan are having a real laugh over this.

Although it's not exactly like our "elite" troops were facing the crème de la crème of the Chinese fighter force, either. One of the Chinese pilots managed to knock himself out of the sky while confronting a prop driven plane?! I'm surprised his commanding officer didn't send us a thank you note.

Despite the fact that the US is clearly in the wrong on this one, the military personal are my real concern. I, of all people, value military men. I don't believe the lives of soldiers should be routinely thrown away nor held as a cheap commodity. Yet there are times when military men must face danger – this is not about job training folks, it's about life and death, and killing people. Their job is to put duty above their own personal safety. They should have ditched that plane in the ocean and blown it to smithereens. Or, let the Chinese shoot it down. But to cravenly put their own safety ahead of their mission is very scary indeed.

One other possibility exists: that they were ordered to meekly submit. Our military was purged under Clinton so the high command has degenerated into a bunch of self serving mama's boys. They know they can literally get away with murder as long as there are no "friendly" casualties…

There is something called a "show the flag" mission. Simply put, you sail a big bad boat up the river and let those nasty wogs see how dangerous and warlike you are. It's supposed to intimidate potential enemies so you won't have to kill them later. This mission was rather the reverse of that.

We have sent the Chinese a clear message that we have aggressive intentions toward them and capped it up by showing them that we are not very tough. Whew. Talk about a worst case scenario. What genius thought up this mission? Let's not pretend it was a fluke either – this has apparently been going on since long before Clinton slouched off the world stage. Countries that are at peace with each other should not be playing tag in the skies from within armed military aircraft. Have I missed something? Isn't the cold war over?

I'm very concerned about this turn of events from the point of view of possible consequences. If we consider the ludicrous series of mistakes that led to the First World War, we can take a lesson from it. Politicians posing as diplomats are quite capable of starting a war where there exists no good reason for one. In the realm of foreign policy, it is a truism that the only real job of the diplomat is to keep his country from accidentally blundering into war! Is it that hard?

To this writer, our government is corrupt and should not be trusted with weapons and military force. To many conservatives the opposite is true – the neo-cons in particular love to wave the flag and rally around the state as if the constitution never existed. The left wingers want a kinder, sensitive army full of females and homosexuals, but one that will kill specific enemies who violate their concept of political correctness. Somehow the end result is both laughable and dangerous. We have a huge, high priced military, but it isn't very good! Talk about getting your money's worth. Everybody loses.

When war finally comes, our military is in deep trouble. The decent, thoughtful men in uniform are aware of this. The rest are playing at life, and making sure they are not victims of discrimination. It's as good a way as any to duck fatigue details.

Take another look at why our troops handed over a high tech spy plane without a fight. Could it be that perhaps they are aware of how silly this has become? Perhaps they are aware that Clinton betrayed his country for a few measly bucks yet they are expected to die fighting against the same Chinese that Clinton welcomed into the White House. The same Clinton who saw to it that the votes of soldiers would not be counted in the last election.

Could it be that the certain knowledge that your leaders are corrupt is enough to sap the morale of soldiers?

You bet. Add in the sensitivity training and feminist propaganda the military has been subjected to, remind them a couple of times about how Hilary used field grade officers as waiters, and pretty soon you have a military that is just not too eager to die for anything.

This being the case – I make this plea to Americans – stop serving this out of control government. Throw away this devilish philosophy of moral relativism. Reject the warfare state and the policy of entangling alliances with foreign countries and claim what is yours by birth right – a constitutional republic that holds government accountable for its actions and keeps it on a short leash.

Our government is embarked on a long term policy that can lead to only one thing: war. They play these silly games while our culture is being swamped by mass migration and are well aware that soon we will be something other than the country defined in our constitution. In less than ten years immigrants from failed cultures will subsume our Western European heritage. These men who are leading us into war are well aware of that, and condone it. So here we are – betrayed at home, and drifting into war abroad. I guess I'm not so surprised that our troops rolled over after all.

To Southerners I say this: our folks have always been warlike and quick to support the government when it gets down to fighting. Stop it! This is the same government that treats us like subjects, not citizens. This government brags openly of defeating us and burning our cities. This government mocks our history and our traditions and rules us like what we are – a conquered province in a despotic empire. Boys, I know you like to fight – but it's time for some common sense. Pick your battles with care. This one has nothing to do with us.

This year, my church has had the sad duty of burying the sons of several of our members. There is not much you can say to people who have lost a son. Yet I'm hearing folks make insane comments like "We ought to blast those Chinese," or "We can't let them get away with that." How many of our sons will we have to bury if we allow these wretches to drag us into yet another war?

Remember, there is something called a just war. Fighting as mercenaries for the usurpers in Washington does not fit that category.

Mr. Peirce fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian Smith side, of course).

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