Why the Government and Mainstream Media Celebrate Mass School Shootings (and Secretly Want Them To Continue)

by Mike Adams Natural News

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Adam Lanza’s armed massacre of young students in Newton, Conn. is being celebrated by the mainstream media. It’s also being celebrated by Obama administration officials who publicly shed a tear but behind the scenes are no doubt high-fiving each other over the opportunity to push their agenda of citizen disarmament. The media celebrates mass shootings because they make for great ratings. People tune in to watch the horrifying scenes and share in the grief. This means eyeballs on the screen and that translates into ad revenue for the TV news networks. Over 33,000 Americans are killed each year in automobile accidents, but those deaths warrant virtually no media coverage. Why? Because individual auto accidents just aren’t interesting enough to attract a bunch of eyeballs to the screen. But a mass killing… well, gee, that’s interesting to view in a horrifying “train wreck” kind of way. So that gets the air time.

The media glorifies psychopathic killers What’s even more horrifying than the massacre itself is the way the mainstream media now glorifies mass shooters, turning them into cult heroes and even ranking their body counts as a sort of achievement score. The Newtown shooting currently holds the “high score” according to the mainstream media, and they have no problem pushing this kind of junk journalism as long as their teleprompter-reading reporters appear to be convincingly saddened for the cameras. Never mind the fact that such local shootings are largely irrelevant to the lives of Americans, especially given the far greater relevancy of issues like the Federal Reserve’s debt creation monopoly, the deadly body count of prescription drugs (100,000+ Americans a year), the mass fluoride poisoning of the American people and so on. Why did the media spend hours broadcasting O.J. Simpson’s white bronco slow-speed car chase on the LA freeways a few years ago? Because it was bizarre, not because it was relevant news. O.J.’s life is irrelevant to almost everyone other than O.J. With school shootings, you see, the killer victimizes the children once, and then the media victimizes them a second time. “Never waste a good crisis” Nowhere is the celebration of school shootings more amplified than in Washington D.C. where the federal government desperately wants to disarm the American people. The higher the body count of children in a given mass shooting, the more “moral authority” D.C. politicians will claim to have in destroying the rights of all Americans by demanding they turn in their guns. Right now, there’s a massive call among traitors like Bloomberg to gut the Second Amendment and completely disarm perfectly innocent American citizens who have done nothing wrong (and are actually upstanding citizens who PREVENT crime). Remember: Millions of privately-armed Americans are off-duty cops and returning veterans who have been trained by the government to carry weapons and use them to stop crimes. But people like Obama and Bloomberg want to condemn them all as “potential criminals” and strip away their constitutional right to carry a firearm. This is the idiocy of the Washington agenda to ban all guns from private citizens. The more mass shootings occur, the louder the call becomes for “gun control” which actually doesn’t work but it’s a convenient scapegoat for those who don’t know any better. This is precisely why Eric Holder and the Obama administration staged Operation Fast & Furious as a way to put guns directly into the hands of Mexican drug gangs, with the hope that those guns would multiply the number of violent shootings in states like Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California. The plan worked: Those guns were used in violent murders in the USA. But Eric Holder got caught, and now the Obama administration is busy trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug. School shootings are secretly welcomed by the Obama administration because they create the necessary emotional impact that will result in irrational public support for citizen disarmament schemes. This is why the federal government keeps pushing for school “gun free zones.” Such signs posted outside schools advertise those schools as easy targets for psychopathic killers. It’s almost like posting a sign that says, “All killers welcomed here!” Big Pharma also welcomes school shootings The pharmaceutical industry is at least partially responsible for many of these shootings, as it is their own drugs which cause young males to become violent and detached. The vast majority of shooters over the last two decades have all been taking prescription medications such as antidepressant drugs (which are known to cause violent, suicidal behavior). But the real benefit to Big Pharma from the school shootings is that such events traumatize other children who can then be “diagnosed” with fictitious psychiatric disorders which are invented solely for the purpose of selling more prescription medications to children who don’t need them. Why school shootings will be allowed to continue School shootings, you see, benefit the media, the drug companies and the power base of the federal government. This is precisely why such shootings will be allowed to continue. The solution to stopping all school shootings is ridiculously simple: allow principles and school office personnel to carry concealed. This would allow them to save the lives of children by halting psychopathic killers with lethal force. And take down those delusional “gun free zone” signs. Posting a sign does not stop a psychopathic killer. If you want to physically stop such a killer, you need something called return fire. Watch the video: How to stop a massacre