Your Taxes At Work

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Mike Vollmer sends this video of “Nappy’s Stasi stormtroopers smash[ing a] … driver’s window, drag[ging] him out of his vehicle and ransack[ing] his vehicle” — all without a warrant, needless to say. The bullies of Customs and Border Protection [sic] assaulted this innocent taxpayer in California a few weeks ago. The footage isn’t too gripping for the first six minutes or so; we see a gentleman peacefully sitting in his car, occasionally snapping pictures of the paramilitary bureaucrats circling like jackals outside. But then there’s enough violence to earn an “R” rating:  they smash his window, shove him against the side of his hatchback for a thorough pawing, and cuff him.

Be sure to scroll down if you access the link: the website asks for help in publicizing the official thugs’ names and pictures so that “their neighbors & family [can] learn just what they do at work.”

Public humiliation is a tremendously effective tactic against the legionnaires of the police-state. So is shunning. Our colonial forbears made employment with the British Empire so uncomfortable that only the most depraved souls accepted such “jobs.” We can do the same; indeed, we should revive the fine custom of hanging in effigy. Meanwhile, do you have friends or family who “work” for Leviathan? And you’re still speaking and socializing with them? Why? These leeches attack you, your family, and all that is civilized, decent and human every day; they are your worst enemies. Recognize and treat them as such. And be sure to tell them why they are no longer welcome in your home nor fit company for your children.

8:23 am on July 1, 2013