Virginia’s Good Neighbors

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John Whitehead, whose intervention freed Brandon Raub from a psychiatric prison Stalin would be proud of, has a brilliant philosophical reflection today on the survival of the individual in a democratic society.

Note that — apparently — no politicians, Democrat or Republican, have intervened or spoken out in defense of Mr. Raub’s Constitutional rights  (to my knowledge: believe me, I would be pleased indeed to add a correction).

God always brings good out of evil — felix culpa and all that — and in this case, Mr. Raub’s detention by the police state has not only alerted Virginians that yes, “It can happen here“; it has also  brought to public attention the good work and the worthy publications of the Rutherford Institute, my neighbor here in Virginia, of which the valiant Mr. Whitehead is president.

Kudos also to attorneys from the Troutman Sanders law firm in Richmond who assisted in the case. Their intervention has undoubtedly earned them the undying enmity of the state. Good for them.

9:05 am on August 27, 2012