Video Game-Addicted Kids Have “Attention Deficit” Etc. Who Knew?

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In my article yesterday on the Santa Barbara college murder rampage perpetrator Elliot Rodger and regarding Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza, I did cover the psychiatric drugs quite a bit, as I have in the past here.

But I also tried to emphasize the importance of their obsession with the video games. The young people now are growing up in a country of growing totalitarianism and police state, and in a culture of warmongers, political correctness and intolerance. No wonder they have to escape into video game and Facebook non-reality.

And the adults in their world are not helping them by fraudulently labeling them with “ADHD,” telling them they are “learning disabled” when no, they aren’t “learning disabled,” they are just emotionally distracted because of various issues at home that aren’t being addressed, and because the material they are being “taught” is a lot of booooring political correctness and drivel that has no resemblance to the real world. The psychiatric drugs are also not helping — in many cases, the drugs make their problems, their depression or “attention deficit” even worse. And the drugs cause aggressive behavior as well. The schools and the psychiatrists are handing them out like candy, and for no good reason. But the kids’ absorption into and time wasted on video games concerns me.

1:24 pm on June 14, 2014