Undiplomatic Statements by U.S. Diplomats

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U.S. diplomacy is filled with bald-faced lies, misjudgments, phoney baloney, propaganda, and bias. Just look at the reactions we have heard coming from Hillary Clinton and others concerning Houla in Syria and the entire war in Syria. U.S. spokesmen have zero credibility. They obviously jump to pre-determined conclusions that support U.S. aims.

To my way of thinking, propaganda efforts of this sort constitute high crimes and misdemeanors. I speak colloquially and morally, not as a legal scholar, but lying propaganda that lays the groundwork for attacks, interventions with special and other forces, killing and bombing is itself part of a criminal pattern of behavior.

The same is happening with regard to Iran. Talks with Iran are ongoing. There will be more in Moscow shortly. The U.S. acting envoy to the IAEA-Iran talks is Robert Wood. He said “We’re disappointed. Yesterday’s outcome highlights Iran’s continued failure to abide by its commitment to the IAEA, and further underscores the need for it to work with the IAEA to address international community’s real concerns.” If he had any intention of making headway, he would not say he was disappointed, and he certainly wouldn’t make another accusation of Iranian failure.

An American has to search the internet in order to piece together what may actually be going on in these lands. Regarding Iran, this piece is informative. Iran cannot possibly hide any nuclear tests at Parchin by moving dirt around, and it knows it. The U.S. commentators who ramp up the anti-Iran rhetoric at this have an agenda that does not exclude war or running the risk of war.

The anti-Iran contingent includes all sorts of people. Some have political hay to make. Others are pro-Israel, come hell or high water. Others are seeking the Jewish vote. Others are blind war hawks. Others are crude nationalists and proponents of American hegemony. Others are stupid unreasoning idiots. Others are filled with hate. Others are paranoid. Others are hand in glove with the armaments industry. You name it, you can probably unearth it.

Regarding the latest Iran-IAEA talks, see here. It quotes the Iranian ambassador to IAEA after the latest talks:

“We are ready to remove all the ambiguities and prove to the whole world that our nuclear activities are exclusively for peaceful purposes and none of these allegations are true, but we need time and patience and quiet environment. Therefore, I request and appeal to all to let the agency and Iran do their work wisely.”

Robert Wood isn’t listening.

9:46 am on June 11, 2012