There Ain’t a Dime’s Worth of Difference…

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Here is a great quote from USA Today from an article entitled “Governors head to D.C., minds on the economy”:

“Most of the … nation’s governors are leaving their state capitals for the annual winter meeting here of the National Governors Association…. The 103-year-old group has a reputation for bipartisanship. ‘If you were to sit in on one of those governors-only sessions, if you didn’t already know, you wouldn’t be able to tell who the Democrats and who the Republicans are,’ Scheppach said.” (Ray Scheppach is the executive director of this organization).

I am tempted to leave things just at that. But, Lew insists that we bloggers not merely report things, but comment on them as well. (Lew can get pretty vicious about this, resorting to violence against those who disobey him on this matter, the petty tyrant that he is. See David Kramer’s expose of him in this regard).

But, I hardly know what to say here. I am, unusual for me, at a loss for words. Scheppach, obviously, doesn’t realize he is giving away the store. A certain ex-governor of Alabama  (George Wallace) famously said, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference” between the two political parties. True, very true (notice, I’m now grasping for something coherent to say about this). Ah, wait, words don’t fail me after all. Here’s something substantive: with the exception of Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and maybe one or two others, there really is no difference between the leadership of the two parties, and even their respective followers. Surely, on foreign policy, Obama is a Bush clone. Ok, ok, there might be a subtle difference in what they want to spend taxpayers’ money on, but they are as united as they can be with regard to their views that they know better than the long suffering taxpayer how to spend his money. And, yes, there is the present brouhaha in Wisconsin. But the altercation does not involve principle. Rather, it concerns which gang members shall get which shares of the stolen money.

8:52 pm on February 28, 2011