The useless police

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Sure, they beat up and electrocute mentally disabled people, shoot old men in their beds, and generally violate our natural rights on a daily basis, but the police catch a lot of bad guys, right? Well, if the police do stop the bad guys from committing crimes, it’s only ever the dumbest and most obvious bad guys, because if there’s ever any actual investigative work involved, you can be sure the police aren’t up to the task.

If a difficult case ever is cracked by the police, it’s purely accidental, and the case of Jaycee Dugard is a perfect example.

Dugard was kidnapped by a known rapist, and was held by him for eighteen long years in his backyard. Garrido, the kidnapper, was a lifetime parolee, and never once during that time did anyone think it might be a good idea to poke around the back yard where Dugard’s rapist and kidnapper had constructed several makeshift buildings in which he kept Dugard and the two children he had fathered with her when she was a teenager.

Indeed, the police had been called to the house on more than one occasion, and once because  “a neighbor had called 911 to report suspicious circumstances involving young children in the home’s backyard, and said Garrido was psychotic and had a sex addiction.” Did the police discover anything after this report? Nope, Garrido was apparently just too much of a criminal mastermind for the sheriff’s deputies.

This sort of monumental incompetence is business as usual for the police, of course, although they always promise changes.  And, most ironic and almost comical is the fact that while some people are being arrested for taking pictures of breastfeeding children, it is apparently not too difficult to keep a sex slave in the back yard.

10:20 pm on August 28, 2009