The Real Perle

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During some side conversation yesterday with some non-US TV news producers, they mentioned they had interviewed Richard Perle. I was curious about what he was like, as Perle is supposed to be intellectual and persuasive, intelligent and all that. They hesitated, then described him as “thick.” He wouldn’t answer their questions, became quickly argumentitive, and when pressed finally said that Al Qaeda and Saddam worked together because he just knew it, he felt it. He couldn’t offer proof, he just “felt” like it was the case. Thus whole societies are disrupted and thrown into chaos and destruction, and men, women and children get to die. More than ever, I think we can beat these guys, they have no personal courage and they tend to denseness. I was kind of teasing when I said they live in an intellectual lockbox behind a Maginot line. Now I think it’s really true.

8:09 am on October 31, 2003