The Pimping-for-the-Military/Industrial Complex Award . . .

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. . . was given to Baltimore Ravens Coach John Harbaugh by the chief recruitment agency for the U.S. military, otherwise known as the National Football League.  (The award is also known as the “Salute to Service Award,” as though we need yet another sickening, worshipful “salute” to militarism).  The Ravens sucked this year, which suggests that Coach Harbaugh should probably spend more time on football and less time trying to dupe young men into sacrificing life and limb in unnecessary wars that have nothing whatsoever to do with defending anyone or anything in their country from any kind of threat or danger.  (The owner of the Ravens, billionaire Steve Biscotti, made his billions through an executive recruiting firm in Maryland that has many aerospace and national defense industry clients).

9:53 am on February 3, 2014