The Moment of Truth and Real Trash TV

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Last night while I was on the treadmill at the gym, I watched the Fox barrel-bottom-scraping reality/game show The Moment of Truth — with its reprehensible contestants, pandering to the lowest common denominator, and flaming stupidity — and thought it was the sleaziest thing I had ever seen on television.

Tonight’s Democrat debate showed me that I was all wrong.

After all, on The Moment of Truth, they kick you off and send you away with nothing if you tell even one lie — whereas in the presidential debates, lying (and especially perpetuating economic falsehoods) is not only rampant but encouraged, and the winner, the one who lies most and best, gets to rule the planet.

From what I saw, it appeared that the candidates’ economic policies consist almost entirely of the broken window fallacy, except when they consist of protectionism and taxing the rich. One suspects Obama knows better, to some limited extent, which makes his pandering — and his use of his oratorical skills for evil rather than good — all the more irritating.

10:28 pm on February 26, 2008