The Last Refuge of Scoundrels and, Sadly, Christians

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A friend writes–

I sent the following letter to a Baptist Church that I pass by on my way to and from work:

What is up with all the American flags around your church?  Driving by your church, the American flag sits front and center, whereas the Christian flag sits somewhere in the background.

The Church represents the Kingdom of God on Earth.  But the American flag does not stand at the right hand of God.  It’s great that individual Americans can be patriotic and wave the flag …  should they be so inclined.

Remember!  America is a wicked nation.  It has murdered well over forty million preborn children and jailed those individuals who interposed on their behalf.  America has gone around the world provoking unrest and starting foolish and unnecessary wars.  The American government promotes class warfare, envy, covetousness and steals from one class to redistribute to another class.  Do I need to bring up the mad rush towards homosexual marriage?

The American flag does not represent freedom or liberty.  It has come to represent tyranny, war, regulation, death, and oppression. It may one day send a shudder up and down the spine as did the Nazi flag when it was unfurled over a conquered people.

I recommend seriously rethinking the flag waving.

Kind Regards,


8:35 am on May 28, 2014