“…The Heart of Tyranny Just Prohibited the NDAA, … 11-0″

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That would be Albany, New York, as Dan Johnson describes it. Mr. Johnson is the founder of PANDA, which has worked across the country to convince states, cities, and other local entities that they should nullify the Feds’ kidnapping and indefinite detention of serfs, a.k.a., NDAA. This week, PANDA and a host of volunteers achieved a signal victory in Albany, NY: “On October 7, 2013, the Albany, NY Common Council unanimously passed Resolution 80.92.13becoming the first city in America to prohibit indefinite military detention without charge or trial, specifically under the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, to declare it is not a ‘battlefield’ and resolve that its citizens and residents are not subject to ‘detention under the law of war.’”

Yay, Liberty! Go, PANDA! Dissidents in the areas surrounding Albany should mark it as a refuge when the Feds begin rounding up patriots. And those of you living in less Progressive regions can take inspiration from freedom’s victory here to push anti-NDAA legislation there. If it can prevail in Albany, it can prevail anywhere…well, except maybe New York City…

(Mr. Johnson also told me PANDA was not involved in California’s passage of AB351, as I had erroneously reported. My apologies.)

9:19 am on October 10, 2013