The Greatness of Jacob Hornberger

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Tom, to be ankle-bitten by a pro-war “libertarian” opining in a pro-war “libertarian” magazine, by a man who praised state military and security power, and called for more of both right after 9/11/01, is another medal on Jacob Hornberger’s chest. Or would be if the critic were significant. Bumper, as his friends call him, is one of the important libertarians of our time. He worked and studied under the storied Leonard Read—also one of my mentors—and has sought to carry on his work ever since. The Future of Freedom Foundation is just one of the results. But I want to mention his personal example. A lawyer, graduate of VMI, and ex-soldier, Bumper has dedicated his life to peace and freedom, with heroism. If you have ever heard him speak, you know he is a great orator. He’s a wonderful writer, as LRC readers know. And in loyalty to Leonard, he does not “leak” ideologically. There is no trimming to accord with the latest shifts in the regime-Republican line. That is, he is a stand-up leader for liberty. But here is what I especially remember: in the fear and hysteria after 9/11/01, unlike the Beltway boys, he never wavered. He spoke out against the warfare state, the police state, the  “war on terror” and the rest of the imperial expansions, foreign and domestic, while others cowered or collaborated. To great effect, he continues to do so. While others were truckling, Bumper sets an example for every libertarian of how one ought to live one’s life. As long as America can produce men like Bumper Hornberger, the flame of freedom will never be extinguished.

8:39 am on April 7, 2010