The Glove-Boxes of Terrorists

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Recall that I am, to my chagrin, Miss TSA — a walking encyclopedia on the evil and corruption that is this bureaucracy. Nonetheless, I have never before heard of the agency’s forcing ostensibly private companies to search property entrusted to them. But that is exactly what the TSA is doing to a valet parking lot in Rochester, New York.

Travis Holte and I are laughing at the “boobus,” as Travis dubbed her, who called the TV station reporting this horrific violation of privacy. Boobus–hmmm: Booba?– doesn’t object that the government searched her car without a warrant or even the slightest flicker of any suspicion; she’s exercised only because neither Our Rulers nor the parking lot’s owners warned her first.

Oh, the confusion and addlepated “reasoning” of the average serf! A wonder to behold, is it not?

11:20 am on July 18, 2013