The Family Wants to Know . . .

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. . . why a gang of Palm Beach County, Florida cops had to shoot their unarmed and naked son three times, killing him, in order to “apprehend” him after an apparent drug-induced rampage.   The cops, who all strut around like Dirty Harry but with bullet-proof vests, side-arms, tasers, mace, billy clubs, and shotguns in their cars just in case, claim that the young man was “the size of an NFL linebacker” as though that would justify his public  execution.   His high school friends, however, say that he was 5′ 8″ and no more than 200 pounds.  (Look at the picture of him in the link, and you will see what a despicable liar Palm Beach County Sheriff Rick Bradshaw, the man who compared him to an NFL linebacker, is).

This is worse than what happened to Rodney King many years ago since the young man in this case is dead.  As with Rodney King, the cops claim that tasering him had no effect.  Unlike the Rodney King incident, however, the public seems totally uninterested in this incident.  America has become a fascist police state, and thanks to 9/11 and the subsequent barrage of neocon propagandizing (“9/11 changed everything” is their mantra) the public seems to think that that is all fine and dandy.

H.L. Mencken once described the U.S. Congress as “America’s only native criminal class.”   There are now two members of that class, once we include the cops.

8:25 am on February 8, 2014