That 70s Guy

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Butler Schaffer asks a good question: “what about McCain’s (and his supporters) continuing reference to his being held as a POW during the Vietnam War from 1967-1973?

There are other significant events from the 70s that fester just under the surface. For instance, being a prisoner of war is not a sin, but what about dumping your crippled wife when your military career is at a dead end, so you can hook up with a buxom billionairess who can give you a ticket to a hot-shot political career?

Ho-hum? Well, not to a lot of “family values” folks whom McCain disdains, but takes for granted because he promises them more Scalias.

Well, I’m not so sure. A Catholic writer sends me today the link to Catholics for Obama. Sure, they’re lefties, but how many folks out there will exercise the Rockefeller Option (namely, reject Rocky because he dumped his first wife for Happy). Those lefties may have some right good company after a long hot summer of McCain’s smirks.

Take my friend John, who writes me this morning:”But who in hell is gonna vote for John McCain? I’m a conservative Republican but I’m not going to hold my nose for the umpteenth time, see Dole, Ford, etc., and vote for the left wing Democrat McCain. With his track record, all we have from John McCain are promises to vote somewhere near the middle and a claim that he’s going to change his ways to garner votes.”

His numbers are legion. McCain smirks at the Dems, but, as Howard Baker used to say, soon that door will be swinging the other way.

2:14 pm on May 9, 2008