Taser-Thugs Ruin a Baptismal Party

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Just what is it about weddings and other family celebrations that brings out the worst in the Regime’s hired enforcers, both at home and abroad?

When a U.S. warplane bombed an Afghan wedding party a few years ago, a military spokesperson at least had the decency and presence of mind to lament the tragic irony of civilians being killed by the same occupation force supposedly trying to defend them.

However, police in Prince William County, Virginia have yet to admit that they may have made a mistake by dispatching a swarm of police to break up a backyard baptismal party in Manassas, subjecting a grandpa and a pregnant mom to a dose of torture via Officer Friendly’s favorite toy, the PEST (Portable Electro-Shock Torture device, more commonly called a “Taser”) in the process.

The police crashed the party in response to a complaint about excessive noise. An official statement by the Prince William County Police suggests that the event was a bacchanal straight from the Satyricon, and that Edgar Martinez, Sr., the grandfather of the newly baptized children and owner of the home, “was highly intoxicated and uncooperative.”

That’s an official police statement, or to use the more accurate colloquial expression, a self-serving lie.

Home video of the event suggests that the party was joyous, not riotous, and depicts a cooperative and composed Mr. Martinez producing identification — just moments before he is subjected to three Taser assaults. Just seconds later, the pregnant mother of the baptized children was subjected to a Taser attack as she tried to help her grandfather.

Mr. Martinez, like the much-discussed Professor Henry Louis Gates,  was arrested for the newly invented “crime” of “disorderly conduct” on his own property, in addition to “public intoxication” in his own backyard.

For daring to assist Martinez — thereby placing an unhallowed hand on the sanctified personage of one of the state-employed assailants — the mother of the baptized children was charged with “assaulting an officer.” She remains in custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department.

Does anybody else remember Cold War-era stories describing the behavior of police in Communist countries? How, exactly, does the common behavior of police in the purported “Land of the Free” differ?

8:36 am on August 4, 2009