Sean Penn Loves Tyrants

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More war, more debt, more empire, more corporate welfare, more bailouts, more rewards for the politically connected, more abuses of what remains of our civil liberties. No, that’s not a description of the GOP but of the Democrats. And now Hollywood’s political buffoon (and otherwise great actor) Sean Penn wants reporters jailed for calling Chavez “Dictator.” Chavez, of course, is terrible. A populist socialist (hear that, Obama?), his policies of evil are destroying private enterprise in Venezuela and driving away investors at breakneck speeds.

And what is it with these liberaloids unable to recognize domestic aggression? They seem to, occasionally, only be good on a few things here and there (some war, etc.). To give Penn some credit, he criticized GWB back in the day. Yet for someone who is supposedly so committed to peace, he represents, to me at least, the worst aspects of the left. I want the Left Coast liberals to be as critical of Obama’s wars as they were about Bush’s wars. Today’s administration is revered, or, at “best,” quietly tolerated, while the previous administration was subject to never-ending jabs and mockery at each and every Hollywood event.

So long as it’s “our candidate,” “our president” in power, we just keep our mouths mostly shut and go along and play in the mud, right? No principles. All demagoguery. Disgusting.

We need an entire new set of intellectuals, some anti-intellectual intellectuals perhaps.

Did I mention that Sean Penn won a First Amendment Award? Epic FAIL.

1:11 pm on March 9, 2010