Russia Blasts Mindless US Syria Policy

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Hillary Clinton struck out this week in her churlish attempt to blame Russia for the escalating war in Syria. Said the Secretary, it’s all Russia’s fault because they are selling military equipment, in particular helicopters, to the Syrian government, which the US seeks to overthrow. Never mind that the US has a history of selling all sorts of military equipment to all sorts of irresponsible regimes. In fact, the US arms industry, which is of course underwritten by the US taxpayer in classic fascist fashion, is “America’s hottest export,” reports CNN. Never mind that the United States is supplying the Syrian rebels, who are in many cases fanatically anti-Christian, with all sorts of useful equipment and intelligence to better help them attack both the Syrian government and innocent citizens.

Along comes Russia, a once unlikely but now increasingly credible champion of human rights, and particularly the rights of Christians, to blow the lid off of the bloodthirsty bloviating of the truly beastly trio of Hillary, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power. The United States has no policy toward Syria, says chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Russian parliament. Indeed, the totality of US foreign policy amounts to nothing more than the empty sloganeering that Russians of a certain age remember from an earlier era. The glorious “langue de bois” of global revolution.

Said Chairman Alexei Pushkov:

“The West does not have any policy at all towards Syria. You are lucky to have Russia, because by blaming Russia you have the possibility to say that somebody is preventing you from solving this crisis… What I hear from the West is absolutely irresponsible. Look at what (U.S. Secretary of State) Hillary Clinton says. She says Assad must go. What, is this a policy?”

Reuters continues its report:

“Pushkov said the conflict in Syria should be ‘viewed through the lens of Iraq and Libya’, adding that Western intervention in Iraq was a ‘massive fraud’ for which no one has been held accountable.

He also cast doubt on the motives of Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two of the strongest advocates for Assad’s removal, saying the argument that the two non-democratic states would help bring democracy to Syria ‘does not hold water.’

Anyone looking for sanity in foreign affairs these days should turn to Moscow and Beijing. Will anyone in the US wake up to the propaganda that is moving us yet again to a senseless war to install a transnational thugocracy in the Middle East? Was Libya so long ago? Iraq? Oh…but this time it’s different. This time he’s really a bad guy we have to “take out”!!!!

5:14 pm on June 14, 2012