Ron Has NEVER Argued for Cuts in Defense Spending

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In an otherwise very good effort, the author of this article commits a major howler. No, let me correct that: he is guilty of a gigantic, gargantuan, horrid even despicable error. The author, one Alexander Mooney, says that Ron Paul “has long argued for drastic cuts in defense spending.”

Ron has long argued for “drastic cuts in DEFENSE spending?” No, Ron has NEVER done that. Never in a million years has he come even CLOSE to saying anything of the sort. Rather, Congressman Paul has argued for drastic cuts in (rather, elimination of) OFFENSE spending. As far as I know, Ron might even agree to INCREASES in DEFENSE spending: buffing up the Coast Guard, as part and parcel of the process of pulling back to our own borders ALL our troops, and closing down our some 800 foreign military bases. No, this is precisely of what our ENEMIES accuse Dr. Paul. It is CRUCIAL that Ron NOT be linked with cuts in DEFENSE spending in any manner, shape or form.

The reason I am so exercised about all this (apart from my usual hysterical personality) is that Mooney does not appear to be an enemy of the Ron Paul movement but, rather, a friend, as can be seen by perusing the remainder of his article. But if even FRIENDS can make such appalling errors, there is little hope for Ron in 2012.

9:21 am on July 10, 2010