re:re: Does the Military Run the Government?

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Writes Mike Gaddy:

Having spent almost half my life in that career, I must say I believe the military has essentially run the government since WWII. (1) The congress must approve any promotion to Flag Officer; General or Admiral. Traditional military “warriors” never achieve that rank anymore. (2) Everyone in the military will confirm that generals and admirals are nothing but politicians in uniform. They must agree with the goals of the military/industrial/congressional complex or they will forever be colonels or captains. (3) After retirement, many of them then move into civilian posts within that same complex. (4) If you are a junior officer, you learn very quickly the road to a star is to compromise your beliefs and ideals to those you are “issued” or you have no future in the military. (5) All of the “military experts” hired by the major media outlets must be retired officers of this mindset. Those who want to impress the elite, do so by doing “damage control” and covering for their superiors.

Nothing quite proves this point better than, at that time, an obscure G-3 in the Americal Division in Vietnam, covering the crimes of My Lai to protect everyone in rank above Lt. Calley and Capt. Medina from prosecution. This officer then saw a meteoric rise over the next two decades to become the most powerful military officer in the land. This was none other than Colin Powell. The only full general in army history to never command a Division. (I have much more on Colin Powell and his associations with the power-elite during his military career if you would care to see it.)

Military personnel with the “warrior” mindset are feared by the powers that be, that is why after both WWII and Korea, all Special Ops (SO) units were disbanded. Before the onset of Desert Storm I in the early 90’s, General Swartzkopf’s disdain and contempt for SO was palpable. He once considered waging the entire campaign without them. In Vietnam most of the SO units were under the direct operational control of the CIA. The same is true for Iraq and Afghanistan. This is how the “warrior” mindset is controlled to the agenda of the state.

6:41 pm on August 23, 2009