Remembering Burt Blumert

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Ron Paul and I were talking to one of the significant young people in the entertainment business recently, and he mentioned that his father is a coin dealer in Los Angeles, and so his interest in gold and silver is hereditary. Ron asked, “I wonder if your dad knew Burt Blumert.” A text was immediately answered: “I did know Burt and liked him very much. A man of total integrity.” That was the great precious metals dealer and Rothbardian-Paulian. If you never had the privilege of meeting Burt, read some of his columns or his book. He didn’t start writing until late in life, but he was so funny, so politically incorrect, so right.

UPDATE from Jim Glaser:

Lew, One time I wanted to buy a gold coin for each of my three children.  I called Camino Coin and for some reason Burt answered the phone and we got talking about and politics, and when we finally got to the coin purchase he said, “let me pick out three nice ones for you.”  He did and they sure were nice old gold coins.  The man was so easy to talk to.  When my column from your page was published in Pravda, he sent me a silver dollar, and I still have that.

UPDATE Once when I called I asked Burt, why are you answering the phone? “I wanted to put down the mop,” he said.

9:48 am on October 14, 2013