Re: Smoking Gun, Not Missile

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Lew, a few days ago I was sent a link to a German expert (Peter Haisenko) who hypothesizes the same thing, that jet aircraft fire brought down MH17. Readers can click through to his full analysis. One may translate it with Google Translate quite nicely. One can also look at a high resolution photo of some of the outer metal of the airplane.

UPDATE: I neglected (simply forgot) to mention yesterday that when I looked into this question further a few days back, I found several other experts who claimed that the metal patterns were the signatures of a missile that explodes near an airplane. The question needs to be settled with more evidence. In addition, the German article has been translated here. Forensic experts have arrived on the scene who may help settle this. An article debunking the fighter jet shootdown theory is here.

3:16 pm on July 31, 2014