Pro-Lifers Attack Ron Paul

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A part of the official pro-life movement—which cares nothing about the huge number of Muslim still births and deformed babies thanks to US depleted uranium weapons—is now going after Ron Paul because he does not support the establishment of a police-statist Federal Anti-Abortion Administration (and because the RP Revolution threatens the establishment). Ron, an OB-GYN, has been a pro-life activist since medical school. He has counseled many young women out of abortions, and delivered their babies for free. He even wrote a book against abortion. Of course, he is opposed to a constitutional amendment. Who can doubt how such a new, centralizing power would  be used by the feds? Instead, as a constitutionalist, he wants Roe v. Wade overturned, and the matter returned to the states. Pro-life efforts would then be local, and not part of the murderous regime in DC. All you need to know about the official pro-lifers, however, is that they have never supported Ron’s bill to remove the issue from the jurisdiction of the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, as the constitution allows. Reagan or Bush could have overturned Roe with just a majority vote of the Congress, but like Democrats, Republicans are wedded to federal supremacy in all things. And like the Democrats, the issue is too good a rallying and money-raising issue.

UPDATE from Gary North:

Over 25 years ago, several leaders of my church drove 20 miles for a meeting with Dan Smoot, the 1950s-era conservative TV personality and the author of The Invisible Government (1962), the first expose of the Council on Foreign Relations. Smoot was a strict constructionist of the Constitution. I never met anyone with a greater grasp of the Constitution. He said at the time that Roe vs. Wade was an assertion of Federal supremacy that was opposed to the Tenth Amendment. He stated that the abortion issue should be returned to the states.

The present generation of conservatives, including the Christian Right, has no understanding of this strict constructionist view of the Constitution, or of its importance in the pre-Goldwater era of the conservative movement. Ron Paul represents that older tradition. This is why he has never been welcomed by the Washington Beltway/Fox News crowd.

12:39 pm on January 11, 2010