Peter Schiff’s Foreign Policy

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Thanks to Travis Holte for this YouTube; he notes that the foreign policy comments start at c.2:00.

UPDATE from Paul Reed:

I have to say that Peter Schiff’s foreign policy is much less impressive that his economic policy. A little while ago I heard you say that Ron Paul was the only decent politician to have come into being in 200 years. Certainly when I hear Peter Schiff descending into American paranoia it only makes what you say even more convincing. It is probable that maybe Ron Paul will be the only one of his kind ever to have existed. There is no guarantee that the future will be any better than the past.

UPDATE from Pat Mason:

I just watched the YouTube video of Schiff. Lew, Schiff just defended PREEMPTIVE WAR! He gave an example using the false claim that “If Iran was making a nuclear weapon as they are supposedly doing…,” then stated “I’d ask the Iranians to let our inspectors in, then if they didn’t we’d blow them up.”

8:46 am on December 16, 2009