Perhaps We SHOULD Have Kids for Cops

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Earlier today I posted a story about how Spain was starting to “deputize” some grade school kids, albeit unarmed (and unpaid). Though at the time of my post, I was deeply disturbed by the story, after reading the following story, I’m not so sure my initial discomfort with that idea was correct.

In the never ending saga of giving homo sapiens with the I.Q.s of a handball a lethal weapon, here’s a scene from the streets of Denver, Colorado where two Brain Dead in Blue (“BDIB”) “civil servants” attacked a man walking his two dogs because he was willing to act as a defense eyewitness to a felony. Okay, it wasn’t a felony: someone allegedly went through a stop sign without stopping (“The Horror! The Horror!”), and the man walking his dogs shouted to the hapless driver who had been pulled over by the BDIBs that he was willing to testify in court that he did stop at the stop sign. Such effrontery on the part of this plebeian. How dare he interfere in this life-threatening police incident.

[Thanks to Eli Cryderman]

9:19 pm on August 19, 2010