People Who Hear Ron Paul Love Him

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Writes Greg R.: “Ron Paul actually did win the Iowa Straw Poll here
is how: Ron received nearly 77 votes per day, for every day he campaigned in Iowa. Thats the best of all other candidates. On the left is the number of days the candidate spent in Iowa; int he center, the candidate and his rank; and on the right is the number of votes he got per day campaigned:

17 Ron Paul(1) 76.76

04 F. Thompson(2) 50.75

89 M. Romney(3) 50.74

70 M. Huckabee(4) 36.95

66 T. Tancredo(5) 29.71

115 Brownback(6) 19.06

26 Guliani(7) 7.03


10:36 am on August 12, 2007