Peggy Regrets, Billy Gloats

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Like many other Republicans, Peggy Noonan wonders why Obama went into Libya, apparently regretting (but not quite apologizing for) the GOP’s earlier sins along the same lines under Bush 43 that were cheered on by the newspaper that carries her column.

Peggy, here are the sad facts of life: Obama went to war to split the Republican Party in anticipation of the 2012 elections. He has succeeded. He has sundered the GOP not only from its base, but from the Constitution (pace the well-argued assertions that there was never a serious ligature to sever). Hard-core Bush supporters, especially the Big-Money types who profit so much from endless war (viz. Dick Cheney’s fan club), will be hard-pressed to “oppose the troops,” who will undoubtedly be on the ground until the elections are over — nor will they want to lose their incomes.

But what about Obama’s Left-wing supporters? They are “anti-war” in name only. All they want is power, and he’s grabbing plenty of it — and “spreading it around” like he is our money. In that, they are like their cousins on the Old Left, the Neocons, who now cheer Obama the liar, who broke all his campaign promises so he could remake the country in his own sordid image. (Kid Kristol welcomes this, of course: with his pathetic smirk he welcomes Obama as a “Born-Again Neocon,” bragging that Obama might even have consulted him about Libya).

None of this surprises us at LRC, although it has struck most Republicans dumb: we have long exposed the Neocons’ only principle as power, and money follows power — just ask the Pentagon suppliers and contractors that feed their fulminations, and those big-business “private sector” moguls who contribute more to Obama than anyone else.

Peggy, come in from the cold — bail out of the War Street crowd. I’m sure you would be welcome at LRC. Even though we don’t have Murdoch’s money, I think you’d be much more comfortable here — after all, we’ve been telling the truth for years.

10:55 am on April 8, 2011