Out With A Whimper …

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The twitster for the emperor-with-no-clothes-in-chief sticks her tongue out at the New York Times for blaming Bush for the crash. “Look how bad Congress was,” she pouts.

Hey, wait a minute. Hasn’t Bush ignored Congress for eight years (when not lying to it)? Hasn’t he proclaimed the imperial, unitary presidency? He and his neocon pals always, always blame everybody else for the disasters they’ve wrought. But he can’t have it both ways: his exclusion of Congress from its Constitutional role in war and law and civil liberties means the buck stops (and sinks) in the Oval Office.

The twitster is half-right (a half-twit?) — Congress is to blame for one overriding failure: it did not impeach Cheney and then Bush years ago.

True conservatism will never rise from the ashes until it admits its profound error in embracing this left-conservative messianic liberator. He claims “history” will exonerate him. I think he’ll be an albatross that will haunt the country for generations — from the dustbin of history.

1:45 pm on December 21, 2008