Of Course, I Said Yes

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“Hi, my name is Brian. My mom, Nicole, used to read your blog out loud to me all the time. She passed 3 months ago after an 11 month battle with cancer, leaving me (17 on January 10th) in the hands of a family friend who released me to the CPS. I was just wondering if I could write & get my experience and my continued experience with them out there. It has been like a mind game, and I would just like to get it out there.”

UPDATE from Joseph Fetz:

“How could you not say ‘yes’ to a personal story about things most people have never experienced? That’s what I always loved about LRC. While you always have the professional historians, economists, journalists, etc. writing deep and intelligent posts, you also give an open floor to “unknowns” (just regular folks writing about their life as it happens). If it weren’t for you, most of us would never have a voice. It is a great benefit to us all that we do have a platform such as the LRC, because without it many of us would never be heard—the MSM seems to be ‘booked.’

I state the above from experience. Last summer Bob Murphy asked me to write about my experience in the military. I had never written anything before in my entire life, but once I began it was like trying to fit 5 years of my life into as few words as possible (I could have literally written a book if I had to). The very next day, this past Independence Day, my story was on LRC’s front page. You know what? It felt good to get it out. Sure, I couldn’t talk about everything (or even a fraction thereof), but it felt good nonetheless. Thank you, Mr. Rockwell.”

10:38 am on January 6, 2012