No Wonder the Country’s Gone Totalitarian

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No Wonder the Country’s Gone Totalitarian

The Tahlequah [OK] Daily Press asked a sociopath named Gary Gore his opinion on the NDAA and its suspension of habeas corpus. Al-sorry, Gary Gore is a “retired [thank God!] Tahlequah High School principal and chairman of the Cherokee County Republican Party” who blithered, “…we’re in a war, and we’re talking about terrorists. We do things we don’t normally do. We could identify enemies during previous wars; it’s harder today. …” Hey, Gar: how’s about we make them sneaky Moslems sew yellow crescents on their coats?

But the ole boy waxes worse, unbelievably enough: “I hated to see the Japanese internment camps, too” – wow, that’s big of you, Gar – “but a lot of times, circumstances [sic for ‘government’] create hardships for certain individuals … But sometimes, for the protection of everybody, they have to do these things. It’s a tough situation. If you haven’t done anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about.”

I guess being born to Japanese or Moslem parents is “doing something wrong” in Gar’s book.

9:47 am on January 13, 2012