Neocons Now Blame U.S. Courts for Iraq Disaster

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They will always, always blame somebody else. Their hubris, the dialectic, and their profound, abject, abysmal failures demand it.

So National Review flails away: “The War Is Over: Federal courts have just surrendered in the war against radical Islam.”

Blame the left. Blame the right. Blame Ron Paul. Blame the intelligence. Blame the bigots. Blame the extremists. Blame the Iranians. Blame Obama. Blame Hillary. Blame the early Rumsfeld. Blame the late Rumsfeld. Blame Old Europe. Blame fear. Blame not enough fear. Blame, blame, blame.

“De l’audace, encore de l’audace, et toujours de l’audace!” Yes, they always remember to cash in, major league, big time. And they never, ever, ever blame themselves.

10:12 am on March 10, 2009