More Angela Corey and Prosecutorial Abuse

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In my LRC article this morning, I had failed to mention another controversial case involving Florida prosecutor Angela Corey and abuse of the system. This is one that truly is unbelievable, but it also is more proof that Corey was using the George Zimmerman case to restore her own political credibility. A black woman in Florida confronting an abusive husband (abuse had been previously legally confirmed) fired a warning shot into the wall to stop his advance.

Corey brought charges, a jury convicted (after deliberating for 12 minutes), and the woman was sentence to 20 years in prison. Corey’s actions were protested by a number of blacks, including a black Congresswoman. However, the same woman later praised Corey for bringing second-degree murder charges against Zimmerman. Is there a connection? I’ll let the readers decide.

I also found this one today, and I absolutely agree with Alan Dershowitz about Corey’s post-trial conduct. In an interview on CNN’s HLN network after the verdict, Corey was asked to describe George Zimmerman. Her reply? “Murderer.”

The Florida State Bar (and all other state bars) have strict rules of conduct for prosecutors, and one of them is that they are to avoid making inflammatory statements, and they should not make critical remarks about jurors following a verdict. It is obvious that Corey has broken that rule. Will she be disbarred? No. State bars almost never do anything about prosecutorial misconduct no matter how egregious. The disbarment of Michael Nifong, the prosecutor in the Duke Lacrosse Case, was an exception. In my experience, I have found very few prosecutors challenged by the state bars, even when prosecutors clearly and deliberately broke the law.

7:44 am on July 16, 2013